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DHO Tankers - Mark of Excellence Summary

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OK folks, let us know how you have been doing. I know some of you have been racking them up. I've only recently gotten some probably because of my tanker ADD bouncing from tank to tank.


My current list:


Centurion 7/1 - 1st mark

M4 Sherman - 1st mark

DMax - 1st mark

Type 64 - 1st mark

Bullydog - 1st mark

T-54 - 1st Mark

Firefly - 1st Mark

WZ-111-1-4 - 1st Mark

FV207 - 1st Mark

T34 - 1st Mark

T49 - 1st Mark

AwfulPanther - 1st Mark

Lorraine 40t - 1st Mark

E25 - 1st Mark

AMX 50 120 - 1st Mark

T-150 - 1st Mark

FV304 - 1st Mark

WZ-132 - 1st Mark


Post up...anyone have a second mark? Third?

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Giving up on tracking second marks. Just going to post when I get a new third. 3 marks: Chaffee, ARL 44, PzIII/IV, M7, Cromwell, T21, M4 Improved, Skoda T40, Comet, T20, Super Pershing, SpIC, O-I

45.82% WR and 3 MOE's! Hahahaha! First tier VIII with 3 MOE's! 

My very first 3 Mark - Think I should have picked a tank that no one plays to 3 mark first but so much satisfaction!

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