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My name is Dave and I am a 41 year old from Texas... I joined up because I saw you guys have some gaming forums for dads.  I have two step daughters (12 and 8) and one of my own who is 16 months old.  Not sure what else to say.  I will be checking out the non-gaming parts too, since I like sports too

My gamertag is NeonPhyzics and I am on the 360 and the XONE - I play COD and will play Titanfall when it drops

Glad to meet everyone


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Welcome Dave.  You know, DerPitts has pretty much ruined that name here, but maybe you can re-establish it with a good reputation.....I seriously doubt it though.  Haha.

It's great to have you here.  We have a bunch of dads always playing CoD, and we are sure to have a ton on the Xbox One.  No doubt Titanfall is going to be a huge game too.

Congrats on surviving this long with the step-daughters.  :lol  We do have a bunch of other stuff, and we definitely have a sports section,,,,,and a food section.  Gotta share those meal ideas for Superbowl Sunday.

Hope you enjoy yourself and we see you around.
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