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Stream update 

-New discord 

I have set up a discord for the stream / community to chill with helpful channels that include news updates , in game hints and tips and stream updates .also allowing followers to play with me in one place, as many use different teamspeaks but now we can meet at AJ HQ. 

-Feels good 

3rd week in and I may have a small audience but I am absolutely loving the experience . It has completley changed my mood towards the game , also the twitch community is a welcome comfort. 

-Affiliate status

I am currently at 49 followers , one more and I will have met my requirements to become a twitch affiliate which will open up many avenues for the future ! achieving this in the first month of streaming I didn't expect , and this only encourages me to do more and keep working on the stream . 


I had the thought to buy the hwk30 and use the rental code to giveaway to viewers , but wargaming failed to supply me a working code after many tickets they sent me 3 extra and plus one of those failed so they just sent me two more ! I gave away the codes to two viewers and nothing is more rewarding to see them be so grateful for something so little . 

All in all I look forward to the future and hope I can keep this going as I am thoroughly enjoying myself . 


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Morning fellas 🌞 stream update

Good news!! This week I received my affiliate status, which means I am now able to receive bits and subscriptions . Already I have received two subs and a few cheers , which makes me very happy considering the fact viewers are willing to support me in this manner ! I'm now playing a game I love and enjoy but in the process earning a bit of revenue , is this not every man's dream !!!? 

Also I have contacted an artist which I have commissioned to design me some emoticons for the stream . This will be available for subscribers of the channel to use in my stream and other streams , which should be due in a couple of days and I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome 😊 

Highlight of the week  playing with a Maus in a 1v1 tournament which almost went very badly for me , take note don't play with your food !  

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So I decided yesterday on a boring lonely Sunday afternoon to begin my world of tanks EU account! you cannot believe how different this server is , remember those big old bullies back in school well this is AJ on the eu server . Carrying games in a tier 6 premium Swedish tank with no equipment , no crew skillz including no 6 sense , no premium ammo and small consumables. I am grinding a crew for the lansen c which I purchased and also having just received the t34-85M on rental for ten days as I completed the training missions, which will come in very handy ! 1st game on the server was an ace tanker and the 1st game today being my second day also an ace tanker image attached. Cant wait ti get some proper tanks bring on the grind!! 



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