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Update - 0.7.12 - Supertest News - New Premium Account Type

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Some changes coming in 0.7.12. Info at the link below. 

Interestingly, a new type of Premium Account is coming. One that is WoWS only. Will it be the same price? Will it cost more? It adds more XP (65%), but because it's only good for WoWS, I would hope that they wouldn't charge more for it...




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Am I reading that right? Just a 15% increase? Will be interesting to see how they price this as it seems like the regular one is more advantageous given it supports multiple games.

Now, if you said this one provided a 100% bonus versus the 50% regular bonus, I think this would be a no brainer for those that focus on ships. Then again and once again, how much is this going to be will be interesting to see.

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So with the details out now and the prices being the same as the normal account:



Note that when this comes out with 7.12 (which is this week I think), they will (according to the link) give everyone warships premium equal to their existing wargaming premium at the time. What this meant to me since I've spent more time in warships is that I should get my wargaming premium time up now before the patch using Tanks gold. What I mean by this, I had a ton of gold from last years Christmas boxes in Tanks that has been waiting to extend premium time during sales. I tried to do it during the advent sale in Tanks for 360 premium, but it just balked at me since I already had over 200 days left. However, at full price (24k gold) it seems happy to consume my gold (sigh). So, given that Tanks gold has little purpose these days other than to drool over premium tanks, I just went ahead and extended my wargaming premium time now at full price (sadly) with as much gold as possible so that I can get the matching one-time warships premium conversion with it when it arrives (again, this week I believe).

So now, I'm a happy camper with over 1500 premium days and won't be bothering with spending any money on ships.......okay, who am I kidding, I'm going to be buying Christmas boxes once they have a sale on the in-game premium ships. Going to buy up Tier 5-6 ones at discount to avoid getting those in Christmas boxes since I have a bunch of gold still from last years Halloween box gold extravaganza (from getting duplicate skins).

Sorry for the long winded tale, just putting this out there as food for thought for others who might be able to do the same with wargaming/warships premium time.

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2 hours ago, Granitebeard said:

I will say I am kind of happy with it too as I don't play the other games. I think about going back, but they have changed so much I would want to start over. Then comes the part where they are more twitch...

The twitch part is exactly what makes it harder for me back in Tanks. Well, that I feel so much more lazy about remembering all of the weakpoints on tanks. I don't mind toying with some lower tiers as I can sometimes get away with just run and gun for the fun of it, but that lasts only a few matches.

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31 minutes ago, Velakos said:

I did not understand this at all. I bought more premium time last night through credit card thinking i would get additional premium time for free for warships. If it looks too good to be true.....

You got WoWs premium to match what you had in standard premium. These different types of premium don’t stack, you weren’t going to be able to double your premium time. They run concurrently and, as stated above, WoWs premium provides additional XP when you play ships. 

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