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I have heard several people saying they can't 3 mark anything, so I decided to show my road from ~90% to 95.06%. It takes me 7 games, only 1 of which is an Ace Tanker game. I play vanilla (no add-ons):

Game #1 (pretty sure I was getting XVM sniped or I was on the M12's hit list)


Game #2


Game #3


Game #4


Game #5 (The only Ace Tanker Game)


Game #6


Game #7 Final Game:



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54 minutes ago, gpc_4 said:

Well, if Blackroan can do it.....

Exactly my point, you don't have to be Circonflexes, doing 4k in a tier 5 to 3 mark it.


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Same with my T20. One day I looked and noticed that I was at 92% without even paying attention. I started playing with food and directive rammer to get that last 3%. Many games later (I have no idea how many), I think that I am back below 90%.

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33 minutes ago, Lt_jackson_13 said:

In tier 5 and 6 no but in tier ten it's a whole different story 


I guess I should have specified mid tier for those who have were not part of the original conversation. I will say this, if you have never 3 marked a tank before and you try 3 marking a IX or X.... good luck, you are going to need it. Statistically, I am "supposedly" an above average player and I have never been able to do better then 2 marking a X, but I think the average player can 3 mark a 5 or 6 with a bit of patience and forethought.  

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