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Was checking out my profile, which I don't do often, and was happy to see Belfast has ascended to be my top ship (as it should be, she is lovely).



I'd be interested to see the top ships for some of the better and more experienced players. Thanks.

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Why is she such a good ship for you?

To start I really shouldn't even have it, I broke my rule (more of a guideline :smile2 ) and bought a premium ship of a higher tier then any of my regular ships (I have a few tier VIs). However, I'm most interested in the British ships so I made an exception. Due to the WoWs MM, which I'm sure someone else can explain much better then me, tier VIIs get really good MM and tier V and VI get shafted. So, I get good MM and the ship has fun mechanics with smoke, HE rounds (unlike the other Brit cruisers), and both hydro and sonar to hunt down DDs. Overall, I like the gameplay the ship offers and it is a historical ship that still exists which I think is a bonus.

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It has been a while (not looking at stats at the moment) and mechanics and the game have had a lot of changes, but Omaha was my best, around 60-70% wins I think. Without looking at stats, Pensacola and Aoba I have really liked and are probably high in my stats.





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My top ship....




Unfortunately I cheated - this is in coop...


Atlanta in coop is teaching me all sorts of bad habits that don't work well in real gameplay.


But I think I like the gunboat playstyle.

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