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Welcome to the online man cave just for dads.  We are a dads only site here to have a good time.  Discuss anything you have problems with, what you like doing, and about your family.  Since we are all dads, you won't find any condescending statements or comments.  We are here to just have a great time and alot of laughs.  So no politics and no religion.  Anything else is fair game.

Post here about yourself.  Your family, your interest, and anything else you would like to let us know about you.  Welcome again, hope you stay with the site for a long time.



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Good evening! I am a father of 4, and grandfather of 7! (yeesh) My brother is already a member of Dads Hideout in WoT. I am looking to play a little more clan action in WoT, and of course play some ga

Hello. Name's Adam, father of 4 boys. Casual gamer, three of my boys are gamers and the youngest is on his way lol. Wife starts at home and is trying to get her a crafting business up and running. Ho

Hi Dads, I'm a dad of two girls (19 and 21) from Connecticut. I work in advertising near Hartford. I'm also an Army National Guard Infantry Squad Leader (at 53 I'm definitely too old for this job

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Hi my name is Allen Stewart I'm new member here. I work at a company called EMSA in Oklahoma City, I'm an Emt going thought paramedic school. Work can bee stressful so I play video games to relieve that stress. I have a daughter that is 2 years old she's is amazing. I LOVE BEING A DAD !!!! Lol I play bf4 mostly on ps4 I do have a mic and I like to stream on twitch occasionally my gamer tag is underbreadbore if u want to add me. Anything else u want to know just ask

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I was looking for a WoT 360 clan and stumbled across this. Looks like the group for me...


I'm Tim and I live in upstate South Carolina. I stay at home with my 6 (almost 7) year old son and 3 (almost 16) year old daughter.


I play WoT most nights after bedtime unless food/vomit/playdoh got crammed into something that needs cleaning.


So I've seen a few people playing with clans. How does that work? How do I get started on that?



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Hey skip, great to have you here. Pinmonkey001 and Platt_Mallar are our resident WoT360 guru's. Send them a FR on Xbox and I'm sure they will love to meet up and help you out. I really don't know much about it myself. Hope you enjoy the site and we continue to see you around Tim.


You'll never believe where I'm sending this text from.... FROM A MOUNTAIN.... ON MY PHONE!!!



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Welcome to the Hideout!


Allen, good times in Destiny last night. Check the Destiny player list in the Destiny section and just add everyone on the list for the PS4 group.


If you are into any other games I'm sure there is someone playing it. As well as a variety of other interests.

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Hello all, just checking in, seeing if the lights were still on.



waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz up Chip! Been a long DarthDaddy time! Hope all is well with you and the family bro. Welcome back  :cool


I second this Chip !!!!


And welcome to the new dads !!!

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