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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for work sucks. The part that sucks the most; applying. The thing that sucks the most in applying? THE RESUME! Resumes suck. You have to write about yourself which; unless you have lots of training, are blessed with the skill, or are a narcissist... , feels awkward at best and impossible at worst. You have to condense YEARS of experiences to a single page... and precious space is wasted with just your name and contact information! If you learned how to do a resume 5 years ago (or more!) the things you learned are outdated! Advice varies from source to source - do this, n
  2. I am one mission away from earning the Object 260 and I've been stuck there for a long time. My goal this summer is to get it done and I'm hoping for help. It's not a platoon mission but I need to do 3500 damage to TDs with a medium tank (see image below), and if I platoon with two TDs then, hopefully, the battle will have more TDs to damage. So, if you have a tier X TD (preferably more then one) and would like to help, please join me. When I'm working on the mission I'll setup a temp channel in TS with a suitable title. Many thanks!
  3. So I am trying to update my signature and I have a newly generated Sig from Wotlabs but for the life of me I cannot get it to work correctly. Somebody please refresh my memory on how to insert a link for the signature. Thanks! Helo
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