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  1. Tons of fun tonight gents - next time I just need to figure out which US server you are all on so I get in the same game haha Congrats to the winners
  2. Looking forward to getting in a few rounds, being on PST time means once kid is down its already 10:30 EST. Only need one good round though! Good luck everyone.
  3. Hey Gents, Got signed up and have been in Discord a few time now and met a few people. Would love to join one of the clans, I am thinking DHO is the place for me until I get a few more CW tanks, should have my 5A and CGC within the week. Also not sure if my schedule makes me available for much of the prime time CW and competitive matches. Could I get an invite thrown my way Simmy_07. See you guys on in the field!
  4. Hey Gents, Simmy here, just stumbled upon the hideout/mancave and thought it looked like a great place to hangout. Got a little guy whos going to be 2 in a month and takes up most of my time outside of work. However, I still find some late evening hours (8pm pst time) to play some world of tanks. Been playing on and off for years but I find it provides a nice flow with my dad life, shorter matches and less commitment than my previous gaming experience. Looking to jump into some casual games and potentially some competitive (clan wars or strong holds) where I can. Hit me up if you
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been playing some world of tanks again now that my schedule has freed up a bit more time and I was looking for a group to do some casual tanking or the odd competitive match. I find WOT provides a nice balance of relatively short matches with some competitiveness which works well with having a 2 year old boy who takes most of my attention 🙂 I live on the west coast of Canada so my usual game time does not start till 8pm pst. Hoping jump into discord and get into some games and hang out in the virtual man cave. IGN for WOT is Lokie fire me a me
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