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  1. The two are separate. I think when wargaming initially setup the Warplanes clans they just copied people over at that time. Since then, players have to be added to both if they want to play in both.
  2. I'm thinking of just using one DHO clan. Might as well use DHO if we can.When you look at the numbers we could easily combine all of the active players from all DHO clans into one DHO Warplanes clan. Looking at the numbers, over the last month, DHO has 7 "active" players, DHO3 has 6, DHO4 has 6, and DHO-X has 12. WoWp considers anyone that played 1 battle as active. If we figure out anyone with more that 50 battles within the last month those numbers drop to: 2 for DHO, 4 for DHO3, 2 for DHO4, and 3 for DHO-X for a total of 11 players.
  3. Should we combine the guys from all the different DHO Clans in Warplanes into one Clan? Shaggyx_123 and I have been playing more frequently (almost nightly) from DHO3. In our clan there are only 4 with over double digit battle counts over the last 28 days.
  4. I knew that the in-game hit point mods were a grey area and it looks like WoT is moving in the direction that outside mods will be banned after they develop their in-house adaptation. From the Fair Play Policy: One More Category: In-Battle Armor Viewers We believe this functionality (which shows the critical armor zones of a vehicle during battle) provides a significant advantage. Since we didn’t treat it as a cheat in the past, we are not adding it to the "forbidden" list for now. Instead, we're working on our own version of an in-battle armor viewer with genuinely beneficial functions.
  5. Guys, I have been having a hell of a time finding an answer to this question: Do I suffer a penalty for loading a higher tier crew in a lower tier premium tank. For example, if I wanted to train my Tier VII T-43 crew in a Tier V Matilda II. Does the crew not train as fast as it would in a Tier VIII T-54? I understand that the T-54 will earn experience at a faster rate but I also know that the lower tier premiums get a bigger combat experience multiplier. Just trying to figure out if I need to buy a Tier VIII premium for training or can stick with the lower Tier premiums. TIA
  6. Those new Strongholds are much more fun! Can't wait until they're on the East server too.
  7. I can pen the lower plate of the Defender in my FV 4202 using AP, there and the drive wheel at the front, pen and detrack.
  8. Thanks for the input. Mutz was in the back of my mind too.
  9. Need some advice. Looking at getting a German Medium Premium, mainly for training crews. Which would be better, Panther/M10, Panther 88?
  10. How many skills does your crew have? Also, I saw Binocs and Camo Net, I assume your third piece of equipment is the rammer?
  11. I watched one of the DHO-X T6 battles. Looks like you know how many you'll fight but not what they're using.
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