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  1. Leading targets, That is a big one on BBs. Wait for your target to finish its turn before you fire. Watch the smoke coming out of your targets stack to gauge speed. The flatter the smoke the faster it is going. DDs are cancer. stay away. If he runs a bb for any amount of time he will learn to hate them with a passion like me.
  2. welcome !! make sure you get the teamspeak info and join us for some island killing.
  3. Welcome to WoWs side of things ! So the Russian cruisers are brand new . I am sure there will be a few kinks worked out of them. Broad overview is like this destroyers , IJN (Japanese) are stealth torpedo ships. One of the best is the TII Umikazai. Others are good too but that is the earliest one you get. Remember to pay attention to your detection range. Russian DDs are fast gunboats with high detection, and until later on very short torp range. US dds are kind of a compromise of the two mid, decent guns, medium range torps and medium detection range. Cruisers , Russian are very soft
  4. Current Grinds: T8 USN and IJN CAs T9 USN BB T7 German CA T6 USN DD T5 soviet dd I have premiums or elites for other Tiers except 10 I also will be focusing on Russian when it comes out
  5. Rain, Good thinking man ! They dictated the terms of engagement to us. I agree we have to choose a different approach in that situation. I think the tease and retreat option would have worked best in that situation knowing the caliber of players we were up against. They all run premium consumables and are very good at what they do in game. My thought is that we were so involved that we didn't see what they were doing until it was too late. Thinking back on it if you noticed they took out our CA/CLs first. That gave their destroyers free reign to do what they did. I would like to incorporat
  6. This is my bad too. I was just trying to not do the DHOI or DHOX so i suggested something different. Call me on the Quarterdeck.
  7. All I can say is I am glad I had my body guards around. That CV was trying to pick on poor lil ol' me.
  8. Erza I can do mostly Wednesdays and Fridays, unless a previous commitment or one of my children has a school function. Mondays I can't make it due to work. I will be more than happy to run a BB or CL.
  9. I am with Dakar. Have fun ! To realize this goal I think winning is way more fun. Play at a competitive level against other teams
  10. The only real change that I seem to be having trouble adjusting to is where they nerfed the turret rotation down to 139mm. That is murder on a CL. DDs will and do take advantage of this. Seems you cannot maneuver and shoot so I think this is one thing we might want to consider. Stay at a good range when dealing with another ship to give your guns time to catch up.
  11. I could roll with Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, right now as my work schedule permits. I am on late late during my work week so if I wanna get in on some sweet team play action those are the best days for me. Erza I don't know how the others feel about it but I think it is cool for you to take the lead. I will be on in the evening 2/17/16 so maybe in between killing and such we could talk it out with a larger group of us. Irish
  12. Yes i agree that we need to figure this out. I am with you Newman I sure as hell don't want to go up against a Yamato in my New Orleans. I like the fill the first team approach and see how it shakes out. I wonder if it will be tier bracketed? As in a team of 10s has to fight a team of 10s. I hope it is like that and we can get everybody rolling. I am going to scout the Forums and see what I can dig up.
  13. We will have to see how the mechanic works on what tiers are viable. I know that a lot of folks have 8's . Sixes will be popular too due to The cleveland, Aoba, and NM. I unfortunately have to decline because I work during prime hours most of the week. I think we should consider making the Teams as discussed before. Maybe DHO alpha and such . Irish
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