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  1. I find War Thunder tanks much more interesting and into bargain you can play tanks, planes and ships all in one site and they inter mingle. Much more realistic than Wow or Wot.
  2. haven't seen much about War thunder, any reason, they always have 60 to 80 thousand players online at any given time, dwarfing WOW's and WOT's
  3. Great stuff,can't believe you didn't get more comments. Capping is so often overlooked and to the determent of the team. It's as if 50% of the time 50% of the players forget the point of the game is capping. Thanks again for your insight. Firedog
  4. thanks for the tip Bud...I've been using ap for all ships of equal tier or lower and He on all tiers above mine. I'm gonna give your method a try. Thanks again. Firedog
  5. hey Bud, what's with the BB is that a battle ship, and DD I assume is a destroyer, something with a C in it is a cruiser right? Sorry for being slow.
  6. Hey Bud, been away for a while but now that I'm back, I spent quite a bit of time in WT tanks and I have to say I think I prefer it to WOT. WOT I find a bit more stressful... yes stressful in WOT if you make a mistake or try something different in pub games you get hammered by some of the players that believe they know how the game should be played. In WT you have more landscape to play with and try things out and nobody seems to care much what you do.....I play for fun so you see where I'm coming from. In WOT I'm Firedog52 in WT I'm slo52, if you see me give me a shout and we'll see what hap
  7. Hey guys, in WOT I'm Firedog52 but in WT I'm slo 52, thinking of changing my name in WOT to slo52, mirroring my style of play. So how do we go about forming a group to play WT tanks. I love the game as much as WOT more landscapes etc. Any suggestions let me know guys.
  8. hey guys...I love DHO but I've found a clan outside DHO4 how do I leave clan, I will stay in DHO though
  9. I thought it was great except for the last 20 mins. 1..8 with 1 track holding off how many enemy with rpg's.... German sniper at 100 yds or less takes 3 shots... but I guess you couldn't have everything. well worth seeing though.
  10. Vent away oh great one. This sort of thing always seems to happen to me after a patch. The other day playing in a Pub game our three top heavies decided to camp at A1, it was Muldovia or however you spell it. I have no idea what they were doing. I find the worst time to play is between noon and five or six pm. Never have done well at that time. Actually never usually do well at all LOL.
  11. Hey guys. here I am 7 months after Rebel Texan sent me an invite. I'm 62 yrs old have one daughter and am now retired from the paper Industry. i worked for International paper for 35 yrs. and discovered WOT over a year ago and am hooked. Same can be said for War Thunder. Firedog came about on the Job and 52 is the year I was born. I'm in Ottawa Canada.
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