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  1. Can buy back T34-85 and KV-2 with ease. Sounds like fun.
  2. Cool. Waiting on my new PC to be delivered. Once I get back and up and running, I'll be a regular player for strongholds. Since I haven't played in a while... I'm assuming Cromwell/Cromwell B is still a preferred tier 6 stronghold tank? Any other tanks I should be thinking about for strongholds?
  3. Looking for an invite to DHO. I just dropped tags this morning, so I'll probably have to wait a while. Looking forward to getting back into WoT.
  4. Well, never one to be left out, so here are my entries in the March Madness Tourney: Rounds Selection: Top 5 by experienced earned Round 1: Kill an Arty and survive the battle Round 2: Top 3 by damage as an Arty Sweet 16 High Caliber Elite 8: Ace Tanker Final 4: Top Gun Championship : Any Epic Medal , see list of Epic Medal here http://worldoftanks....l/achievements/ Half-Time Bonus: Destroy a member of any DHO clan (not just DHO4) during a random battle for a bonus drawing entry. Can be completed 3 times. DHO tanker must be on the enemy team
  5. Great post Blackroan. My "kids" are 22 and 23 years old now. Even though I love hanging out with them now, I miss them when they were little. Walks in the park, soccer practices, school functions and just taking them to get ice cream. Enjoy them while you can.
  6. I would so buy this tank... Guinness and all.
  7. Hi guys. I was reading the WoT forum and I came across this article regarding tier 6 strongholds. Here it is: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/432038-ucs-guide-to-tier-6-stronkhold/page__hl__%2Bstronghold+%2Bguide__fromsearch__1 I have read this thread before and I'm interested to see how this style of play works. If this is the new "meta", shouldn't we be moving towards this style of play when doing tier 6 CW's or strongholds. It seems that using speed, vision and focused fire is the way forward. I know DHO-X and DHO-6 may already be using these tactics, but I'd like t
  8. Picked my SP I C up yesterday and had enough free xp to fully elite it. To be honest, I like it. The gun is good and can do damage to tier 10's if you flank them. The speed is meh, but the cammo is fine. I don't really know why Tazilon is so pissy about this tank. In my 13th game with it I completed the LT-15 mission... because the view range it good (400). Overall, I think I'm gonna keep this tank after I get the RU-251.
  9. Well, I am an admitted stat checker. I started caring about stats 2 years ago after 16k games on a bad computer (5-8 fps) which gained me a WN8 of 325. Since then I've taken the time to try to re-learn the game and improve. Sadly though, because of the sheer amount of games I have already played, any improvement doesn't even register really. My overall WN8 goes up about 2-5 points a week. My obsession even started to affect my garage. I would look for and play "stat padding" tanks (BDR and ELC, I'm looking at you both) to pad my WN8 without really liking the tanks or wanting to play them
  10. I did my part. Now if I could only win something...
  11. I finished SPG-15 last saturday in my Grille on Red Shire. It took a 2100+ damage, 5 kill game. I found that doing the damage wasn't the problem... being in the top 3 in xp was. Damage +kills will get this mission finished.
  12. I guess I should jump in on this thread. Here are the tanks I have a MoE on: M4 Sherman - 1st mark StuG III G - 1st mark M24 Chaffee - 1st mark Pz III/IV - 1st mark AMX ELC - 1st mark T-34-85 - 1st mark KV-2 - 1st mark T-150 - 1st mark KV-85 - 1st mark T37 - 1st mark Jagdpanther - 1st mark Panther 8.8 - 1st mark ISU-152 - 1st mark I'm close to getting my 1st mark on... T-54, T-44, AMX 13 90 and Cromwell. I'll update this list if I start to play better.
  13. Not nearly enough. Buying tanks back (that I sold) as fast as I can.
  14. While this weekend "special" isn't what I was looking forward to, I was still able to buy back some lower tier vehicles (T1 Heavy, M6 Heavy and Sherman E2) to fill out my garage. Saturday will be credit grinding day as I still need more tanks and equipment. I can never have too many tanks!
  15. Hi guys. I'm panzerkompanie. I just dropped tags from my old clan (DRI) yesterday, so my 48 hour cool down period ends noon July 1st. I'm looking to play more competitively but I need t buy back a number of tanks first so I can do strongholds/CW's. I'd like an invite if/when possible to any of the DHO clans. My eventual goal is to move to DHO-X and finally get to play CW's (and strongholds) on a regular basis. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.
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