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  1. The next candidate for dissection shall be the German 3-cm MK 103 (one of my favorite light tank weapons!) This little beastie lists its AP ammo as the "3cm Armor-Piercing H-Pzgr. Patr. 103 (w)". Please note the 'H': this tells us that it has a 'Hart Kern' or 'Hard Core' and it's made of 'Wolfram-Karbid' (Deutsch for Tungsten Carbide). How do we know this? Well... see the '(w)' at the end of the WoT nomenclature? That stands for 'Wolfram/Tungsten'. This supposed AP round is (in reality) what we all know as APCR!!! [But wait! There's *MORE*!!!] The AP Composite Rigid has a s
  2. Here's the pertinent perforation data for the previous post (above): The maximum peak pressure remains exactly the same, due to the reduction of the projectile/sabot weight, and the increase of the propellant weight. OPFOR - OUT!
  3. Finally got the numbers worked out for the perforation stats on this beastie: This projectile is about 37% lighter than the previous APCBC-HE-T, so the MV was increased from 3,255.19-fps to 3,738.5-fps. This only takes into account the change in the projectile (+ sabot) weight. This reduced the maximum peak internal pressure by 22.3%, so the amount of propellant can be increased by ~8.35%, for a final MV of 4,050.71-fps. I'll post the perf data shortly - wifey needs my attention! OPFOR -OUT!
  4. Small bit of trivia: The M392 is of United Kingdom manufacture and bears the U.K. designation of L36A1. Reference: TM 43-0001-28, dated April, 1994 DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. OPFOR
  5. Read an old REBEL_TEXAN thread about update 9.7 nerfs: "Penetration of the APDS-T M392 shell for the 10.5 cm L7A1 [M68/Bordkanone/etc.] gun reduced from 268mm to 257mm..." Well, using those penetration nomograms I referenced in previous entries, this is how the round *SHOULD* perform against BHN-220-to-330 armor plate (RHA): I worked this out a couple years back as practice. OPFOR - OUT!
  6. A N Y W A Y . . . Now that I've done the work for the 10,5 cm Kwk (46) L/70 regarding it's 10.5-cm Pzgr rot [AP projectile], how about the next one I do should be a real-world APDS, like maybe this: NATO (German) 105mm APDS 105-mm x 617 DM13, HVAPDS –T MV: 1,473-mps; 4,832.67-fps (recalculate this for the Lowe 105 gun) Projectile as fired (with sabot): 5.84-kg; 12.88-lbs Sub-projectile in flight: 4.02 kg; 8.87-lbs Tungsten core: 2.73 kg; 6.02-lbs Just sayin' OPFOR - OUT!
  7. I see what you did there... verrry intearestink... but SCHTOOPID! [Artie Johnson, the German in the bush character on 'Laugh-In'] Cool wartime poster, but I'm presuming (I don't want to 'assume') that you are aware that if the documents aren't properly declassified, I would be liable to be investigated by the DoD or Homeland Security for letting State Secret Information escape to the world wide web. I don't want to risk losing my secret clearance by posting actual classified stuff. Besides, the soldier on the poster is only a lowly Buck-Sergeant. We had vast herds of those running lo
  8. SIERRA-HOTEL! Good to establish comms with a fellow warfighter, even though I never did anything but cold war deployments and got all busted up & medically retired one week before Desert Shield became Desert Storm-1. Anyway, what did you think of the Kwk 36 pen charts I posted on page-6? That's all based on the nomograms developed here - "SOURCE: Based on experiments by American, British and Canadian military establishments." Nomogram page is dated 1 January 1945. The overall document is titled "Effects of Impact and Explosions", dated 12 February 1986. This is also the declassificati
  9. AbnBob, regarding your question about the Tiger-1's 8,8-cm L/56 possibly being equal to the Lowe's 10,5-cm L/70, here's the numbers I just worked up for that gun firing the 8,8-cm Pzgr 39 & the Pzgr 40. These are images of my original EXCEL spreadsheets for these projectiles. I choose to ignore the widely available penetration charts since most are based on old unverified data, or like I wrote above, the targets were much more difficult to defeat than those by the Allies (150-kg.mm = face-hardened plate: BHN 419-420 vs. BHN 220-330). Also be aware that these charts are for zero s
  10. You still living neat Ft Campbell? I got medically retired about a week before Desert Storm-1. (Feb 1991) I knew a bunch of folks that went & I was mad I couldn't go with them! 1st jump unit was Charlie Co., 1/509th ABCT in Vicenza, Italy (SETAF). Got to jump into West Germany a bunch of times. Actually got to go to Berlin on my first field exercise to learn Urban Combat with the Berlin Bde. Actually waved at an East German border guard over the Berlin Wall from the 5-story building we were repelling down. I had our little green binos & he was using some *HUG
  11. Just noticed your handle... you a 'Wind Dummy' too? OPFOR
  12. Possibly. Here's some of my earlier work with the 8.8-cm L/56: 8.8-cm (L/56) FlaK 18/36 (@zero slope) Perf (100%) = up to 197.1mm Perf (50%) = 208.8mm No Perf (0%) = 220.5mm I want to re-do some of my calculations due to some more good reference material I've acquired. Mostly, I've run across several different dimensions for the Pzgr 40 'Wolfram Karbide' core that I want to confirm. Also, when I get to the Russian & American/British (NATO) APCR data, you'll see that Wargaming is really exercising that famous 'Russian Bias'.
  13. After a long absence due to my wife's health & my BRAND NEW COMPLETE HIP REPLACEMENT & lots of physical therapy, I'm back to add some info I hinted at a looong time ago back in 2016. Enjoy the read: I crunched the numbers to approximate the mythical '10.5-cm L/70 Kwk 46' gun using all those scientific references I've accumulated over the years, and here's what I came up with: [Bracket text is mine. OPFOR] Note: The interior ballistics equations I have accumulated for calculating changes to muzzle velocity refer to the 'travel distance' of the projectile. I will
  14. Hey, y'all. I've been busy doing Husband-stuff regarding my wife's health, so I hope she's out of the woods, so to speak! Anyway, I've been researching that pesky main gun on the LOWE: the mythical 10.5-cm KwK 46 L/70 Since I don't have access to the Bundesarchiv, my information is sort'a limited to what I can find online. As you will see on the screen shot I attached, this particular weapon is only referred to as a future weapon, and not as a prototype then in development back in March 1942. If I can find a source for PDF copies, I'll share that with anyone interes
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