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  1. invite sent... welcome to DHO(riginal)!
  2. I can't find you under this name. Are you on the NA server? and are you playing PC or console?
  3. welcome back to DHO! invite sent to DHO(riginal) here's our discord info http://www.discord.gg/wbBn73dF22 join us there... that's where most DHO things happen these days
  4. Sorry to hear you're leaving... I wish you well and of course simply let one of us know that you want an invite if you ever get the urge to return. Be well and stay safe out there!
  5. Welcome to DHO! I sent you an invite to DHO(riginal).
  6. hey, welcome to DHO! yep... looks like it! Invite to DHO(riginal) sent.
  7. Welcome to DHO! We'll get you in later tonight... we're almost maxed out so may need to bump some guys.
  8. invite sent when you jump on say 'hi' in the clan chat and ask if anyone wants to platoon... it's as easy as that... well, assuming guys aren't afk etc.
  9. Welcome to DHO! I'll wait for @Juggernaut41or @gpc_4to decide for X and if not then I'll give you a spot in DHO(original).
  10. heya welcome back... there's room in DHO(riginal)... invite sent
  11. invites sent to both of you... welcome to DHO and the subclan DHO(riginal)! here's an invite to our Discord as well if you're not already there... http://www.discord.gg/wbBn73dF22
  12. heya, welcome back! invite sent for DHO... as Rew says 'DHO(riginal)'
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