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  1. Maybe your right, maybe your wrong. Asked an honest question, and found this. Don't think that is right.
  2. Please feel free to. Power corrupts and I see that here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. unless something is wrong with my posts, please don't this. I consider it rude. You could have just responded, nice use of moderator power <--- the last part is sarcasm.
  4. let me guess, you sent a card with scantily clad women into a city with very high alternate lifestyle population thinking it would help
  5. gpc_4 and I won 3 days free premium for sending in a anniversary card from the WoT forum contest.
  6. Now to have some Tier 5 and 6 sales, that would be freaking awesome.
  7. Looks like I will be getting: Panther II -- Bought Caernarvon -- Bought, only had to use 6K of free xp T-69 -- Bought Centurion Mk. 7/1 -- Bought T49 -- Bought T28 -- Bought
  8. I will kick in some cash once the admin change thingy gets answered.
  9. This whole 5th Anniversary event is a major botch up by WoT. The amount of stuff that could have been given away on large scale events is disheartening. Existing code costs nothing.
  10. I saw your post so good luck. Already have a Type59 so I am hoping they did like last year and give everyone something. But then again, past anniversary events are no gauge to the current one.
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