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  1. If I remember correctly, there is a channel you need to start in: https://discordapp.com/channels/195670999436492800/491326460456599562/734598947221274688 This should get you started!
  2. if you want, we can make a true page on the site for this - lets you set up something that is prettier/easier to layout.
  3. Sounds good - let me know what you need or if you want to chat about ideas and way ahead. I too am looking at re-vitalizing my efforts here with some forced extra time on my hands!
  4. @Voltagesauce - welcome! I'll get your account set up!
  5. howdy @Dunk_Scrapheapchallenge I am a USA expat living in england at the moment. Hit me up! I try to play in the evenings (london time) and I occasionally pick up the US dads as they start to log in.
  6. Howdy! I think you guys will find we are pretty laid back - even our "competitive" groups understand that when dad is needed, nothing else matters!
  7. Howdy, @scotwinters25, welcome to DHO! Come say hi and let us know a little about you; or jump right in with our Discord channel!
  8. @SirRealKiller welcome to DHO! Come say hi, and let us know what games you play; I bet we have a dad or two (or maybe a few dozen...) that also partake!
  9. Looking for work sucks. The part that sucks the most; applying. The thing that sucks the most in applying? THE RESUME! Resumes suck. You have to write about yourself which; unless you have lots of training, are blessed with the skill, or are a narcissist... , feels awkward at best and impossible at worst. You have to condense YEARS of experiences to a single page... and precious space is wasted with just your name and contact information! If you learned how to do a resume 5 years ago (or more!) the things you learned are outdated! Advice varies from source to source - do this, n
  10. A year ago @xJediDadx and myself took on the challenge of being the caretakers of DHO. You can read more about that whole process in this blog post. A year has passed; what has changed if anything? Well, that's what we are gonna look at! (and before you freak out - DHO isn't closing 🙂 ) Bring out Your Dead! DHO was a force to be reckoned with in 2015. Registrations were reaching dozens per week, posts by the hundreds. Our WoT clans were growing and expanding; the website provided a hub for those clans to swap tips and share stories. Things were clicking, the place was a buzz of
  11. I know we have some dads that play those games/have PS4's, but I would have to ask around if we have any DHO clans specifically.
  12. Let me take a look - I think I have to set up a new account for canada; let me get on it!
  13. @MackDye Welcome! WoT and WoW form our core, but feel free to join us in anything else too! You'll find quite a few other veterans sprinkled within DHO - if you need anything on that end, reach out! Otherwise, join up with the DHO Wargaming guys, and if you need any assistance, just give a hollar! (or is it holler? anyway, just let us know!)
  14. Welcome! @Tim of Thee I love the screenname. if you ever want to pick up a side web project, let me know (cough, support DHO, cough) i have a few ideas.... In all seriousness, glad you found you found us. Feel free to reach out and complain/seek advice on your life stress - plus, I would love to see your brewing setup & successes! I think we have a few other brew heads here on DHO, they might have some tips for a good IPA!
  15. @Zakul Welcome! I am glad you found us! See you around, and if you need anything, don;t hesitate to ask!
  16. Howdy! Glad to have you here! Welcome, welcome, and come say hi!
  17. welcome - you will find a few veterans here (OIF veteran myself) and I too am a stay at home dad on rather frequent occasions... moving ot follow your wife's career will do that to you! Again, Welcome! See you around the battlefield!
  18. I love it! I might need to make a new blog section - Gaming with dad or some such - and let you guys go wild with game reviews, game tips and the like! With all the experience the dads on DHO have, it would be awesome to give it a platform to reach the world!
  19. Life - It's a Killer! It has been an interesting half year, let me tell you! New job, new activities, new classes, change, change, change! It started to rain in January and it just kept pouring until June! I am sure you know the feeling - as Dads I think we all struggle with it. I am talking about: WORK & LIFE BALANCE! It can be hard to balance work and life. Many factors to weigh and many pressures to resist while being distracted by dozens of tasks.... How are we to try and even consider balance? Well, in light of my (tentative, LOL) return after a nearly 6 month hiatus I
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