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  1. Great data... looks as if the Allies were justified in their fear of the Tiger. In WoT, the Tiger is relegated to a mid tier Heavy with dubious effectiveness, it would appear that with your "tweaks" the game would fall more in line with real world expectations. Then again, the game has 60% paper and advanced era tanks. ANd yes, we need to watch out for those pesky Nazi spies!
  2. Huuuhhaa!! I went to jump school right after OCS, spent about a year in schools (Officer Basic and follow on schools) then sent out to Germany to Hanau. I was an Avionics/Armament Repair Platoon leader for a AVIM maintenance battalion. I was the only NON-rated officer (I was Signal) in the entire battalion! Got several hours bootleg flight time in Hueys and Cobras... (it was the age of dinosaurs!) as the Blackhawk and Apache were still being field tested. Went to see Berlin and the wall on one of those USO tours, that was an experience. PCS'd back to the states, went through the advance
  3. That is some real number crunching! So, the Tiger ! with a 88mm is as deadly as the Lowe with its 105?
  4. Welcome! Thank you for your service, and welcome home EXPAT! I did contracting work also...its a different world aint it?!
  5. Great tag! I should have thought of that!!
  6. Welcome aboard, glad to see another proper Southern Gentleman here!
  7. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a> giving this a try.... http://www.freebiebitcoin.com
  8. From the gpc_4 event last night.. had a good round with my Lowe
  9. Will TK's count or not...asking for a friend.🧲
  10. Welcome Adrian! You'll find a great community here, after all... We all Love Bacon!!
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