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  3. Welcome, sir. @rewguy79can help set you up.
  4. I Would be interested in joining DHO, just coming back to the game on a new account after several years off. My in game name is capnjack1497.
  5. Attention DHO! We have a new dad in our midst! Please welcome capnjack1497 to our fraternity of dads! He joined on 10/15/2019! capnjack1497, on behalf of DHO and all the dads here, welcome to our little online man cave. If you want, give a quick hello and maybe tell us about yourself; What brings you here, how many kiddos, and what games do you like to play? I sent you a private message with some more details about Dad's Hideout, but if you have any questions at all, just let me ( @DHO Ambassador ) know and I will be happy to help. You can also reach out to the admins ( @thedakar or @xJediDadx ) or any of the moderators.
  6. The one good battle I had over the weekend; http://wotreplays.eu/site/5057669#himmelsdorf-gpc_4-50tp_tyszkiewicza
  7. Last week
  8. 17 for 56 now on a 1710 wn8. Zero light tanks. 30% WR. Normally I would be pretty upset. But with Math on my side, I have only killed one of our two cats ;)
  9. Done sir. Thanks for the reminder on the crew acceleration. The good and bad part of the KV-3...it has a lot of crew.
  10. Hmmm, interesting. Visuals: I like the Primo better. Has at least a little subtlety. However, the Primo is always the Primo; you can’t customize it. The 3D style is pretty crazy and I don’t like the big lettering down the side. The style can be removed though Crew: Primo crew is better because the five crew members will allow you to go up the entire Swedish med line. The tier X Swedish med only has three crew. TL-1 has four crew. This works with the Fatton but earlier tanks in the tree require five, so you’ll need an extra BIA radio operator to make use of the BIA in several American meds. Bands: Don’t care about either, although I’ve at least heard on Offspring song before. The music that comes with the TL-1 style is fairly subtle. Hardly notice it. So, I guess I like it, something different. Voiceover: Honestly, they are both good and have some humor. I’m sure there are people that hate the unique voices but I enjoy them. Tanks: I think the TL-1 is better and will be enjoyed by more players. 280 alpha against 230 alpha? That’s noticeable. Only Primo strength would be when hull down. Turret is stronger and it might get an extra degree of gun depression.
  11. Thank you for the write up. I got it, was going to play it more, but got sucked into Tank Rewards a little, then had the 10-10 sale, and I think next week is FL? Good on WG for offering up content. I didn't even do the races. ps. Hey, how do you think it compares to the Primo Victoria, the other rock-band tank?
  12. The line starts off the KV-3, tier VII Soviet HT. There will likely be a full crew of five. You'll probably need 60-70k XP saved on it in order to jump right in to the new line whenever it is finally released. If you're interested in the line...MAKE SURE TO TAKE ACCELERATED CREW TRAINING OFF OF THE KV-3!!!!!
  13. Does anyone not have an American tier 8 premium med? If not, the TL-1 LPC is probably the best of them. Plus, for what I believe was $40 (I can't see the offer anymore because I bought the tank), you get a 3D style for the tank, Offspring music that plays when the style is equipped, a 0th skill BIA crew (4 crew members), and a unique voiceover. Some people are going to hate the style, voiceover, and music. However, all of those can be avoided. 1. The style can be removed and you can use normal camo/styles. 2. Removing the style removes the music. 3. The unique voiceover can be avoided by setting "Voice Messages in Battle" to Standard. Done and done. You have a normal premium American med. Personally, I don't care about the Offspring, but I do appreciate the unique voiceover and music. Just little things to change up the game/gameplay. I don't think they are too intrusive and if you know nothing about the band the voiceover can still be enjoyable. Overall, the tank is a solid all-arounder...like most American tanks. Basically a tier 8 Patton. A little sluggish, gun depression is good, enough armor to work sometimes, high base view range. It has a 90mm with more alpha, 280. Why does it get 280 when every other 90mm I can think of gets 240? No idea, but the punchier gun is a nice addition. Also, 280mm of HEAT pen is pretty crazy; I think the highest used to be the 275mm of pen on the Japanese meds. I've enjoyed the tank and I think it is the best option when compared to the Super P, Pilot, and Patton KR. I believe the TL-1 is available through Monday, October 14. WoT announcement and video reviews.....
  14. I’m not just a pretty face... wait, I’m not that either.
  15. Here is an intuitive way to think about it... which includes some assumptions/definitions/qualifications I left out for the sake of brevity... Clearly you have a 50% chance of a heads assuming a fair coin. If you conduct a high number of two flip trials, you will get heads half the time. So the “expected” result of a two flip trial is one head and one tail. Each flip is independent of the previous flip (sorry folks, betting on red on a roulette wheel because red numbers have been running is nonsensical). So the first flip has a 50% chance, and to get the expected number of trials you divide 1 by .5 to get 2. In order to get two in a row, the probability is 1 divided by (.5*.5). Because each flip is independent (the probability of the heads on the next flips has nothing to do with what happened on the previous flips), you have to add each probability of number of occurrences together. That’s where folks get tripped up intuitively. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure there is something on the inter webs to validate the maths. Edit: last one. What is the probability that you will get a heads on the next flip after 5 consecutive flips have been heads? 50%. What’s the probability that you will get 6 heads in a row? .097%. It matters both how you define the parameters and whether you are looking at the whole theoretical population or one sample (trial). As you approach infinite trials, your experienced reality will equal the probability. However, literally any combination is possible for one (low number of flips) trial. Ok, I’m done.
  16. I’m going to need a second opinion about all of this.
  17. For the JT and tier IX Chinese, I've used rammer, camo net, and optics. Surprising amount of spotting with an unwieldy TD. This is a new setup for me but I may carry this over to other TDs.
  18. after I lose 7 in a row... I stop playing tanks. yes, I'm a quitter but then again I don't put my fist through my monitor, pound my keyboard into tiny pieces or throw my mouse across the room. how often will I see 7 losses in a row?
  19. I played my alt account a bit over the last few days and managed to post a blistering 35% WR despite a 1700 wn8 over 36 games. Of course I could have played better, but there was maybe 1 or 2 of the losses where better decision-making on my part could clearly have allowed us to win the game. Perhaps it was a higher number than that, but I didn't see it (even in retrospect). Super frustrating. So for giggles, I decided to do the actual math of what the probability of that was. Too complicated, so I went with a very simple model of a coin toss... a 50% chance of a win/loss (ignoring ties and that I don't have a 50% WR) and calculated how many times it should be expected to have 10 losses in a row over 30,000 games. The short answer is the expectation is that it should happen 14.7 times over 30,000 games. So, if you play 15 games a day, you should expect to lose 10 in a row every 136.4 days. So... the next time you want to bust out that tinfoil hat*... come on back to the numbers 😉 For the curious, the math is E(k) = 1/(p^1) + 1/(p^2)....+ 1/(p^k), where k = the number of throws (games) and p = the probability of a win (in this case 0.5). Here is the output table: To me this flips the anecdotal experience... as in... I experience far less bad runs than the probabilities indicate. I have definitely lost 10 in a row... but nowhere freaking close to 15 times**. This would imply that rather than the conspiracy theories of the MM algo somehow penalizing you in certain situations that the reverse is true. That the algo is tuned to *lower* the statistical probability of bad runs. My bet? it isn't tuned one way or the other... as that level of tuning would imply an extremely complex optimization problem. I wont make a long post longer, but you can find server-wide WR stats by tank... and there is a pretty decent range around 50%... I knew DHOers were dying for a math post. You're welcome. * This post dedicated to @bergsteiger😉 ** I re-ran this for a 52.25% WR... and that decreases the # of occurrences from 14.7 to 9.7... I can remember maybe 3 or 4... but that doesnt include some late late nights ... so maybe 😉 *** I also ran it for a 48% WR (there are tanks in the game that have server-wide WRs around there) that increases number of occurrences from 14.7 to 20.8... or every three months if playing 15X per day... a 41% WR gets you a 10 in a row loss streak once per month.
  20. I use rammer, GLD, and vents on my V.4. It's not a sniper... you still need to use GLD to hit an enemy at close range.
  21. Mykk

    Rudy PSA

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up!
  22. gpc_4

    Rudy PSA

    I have played the 8-9 (still on the 9) and enjoyed both. Solid HTs.
  23. Thanks TheRealGrant. I'll add for those who haven't played the Polish line that.... if you like heavies, they can be kinda fun. Big alpha gun and decent turret. They really aren't OP in any way, and can be frustrating for those who don't dig the long reload/big alpha jam, but if you do... you'll dig the line... once you get to the heavies that is. The mediums in the middle are trash...
  24. gpc_4

    Rudy PSA

    If you have a Rudy in the garage, this week’s update made it a multinational vehicle. It was Soviet and now it can be Soviet and Polish. The MoE and stats are treated as if it is one tank. The crew, equipment, and loadouts like they are two tanks. Surprsingly, your new Polish Rudy also comes with four BIA 0th perk crew members. However, they do not appear in the barracks. To find them, switch the Rudy to Poland and they will be in the tank waiting for you. Nice way to jump start the Polish HT line if you haven’t played it yet.
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