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  2. Tyler Lewis https://t.co/v1b4YzmuG1

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  4. https://t.co/40jmDuhvcL

  5. RT @Blacktig4life: *Breaking News (The Division's) Latest Update Makes It Worth Playing Again and, Many Gamers Are Saying Is Better than (D…

  6. Row playing cards with grandma

  7. @newotakuman5000 Problem with social media is that it's easy to be an poopchute behind a screen from the other side o… https://t.co/MXFggoC2dO

  8. I'm watching Vikings 1x06 "Burial of the Dead" https://t.co/mEKkkW9Lvi #Vikings #trakt

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  10. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/B6G3SezK9h Altered Carbon | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  11. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Raise $1000 for sick kids thru @EXTRALIFE4KIDS. Donate today! https://t.co/xVKZOg54ue… https://t.co/HGXtjL6Swz

  12. Oh my, that is a thing of beauty. https://t.co/kOhKy1EXud

  13. RT @shinobi602: Press and media outlets: If you'd like to be added to the press list for @wushustudios for upcoming information and announc…

  14. @gimmethefife That moment you wonder if your medical file is actually a medical encyclopedia or the the plans for b… https://t.co/G40PZyhRJT

  15. My view at 0200... https://t.co/5CHJUdH7M7

  16. My little princess! https://t.co/A2BjRjaTaY

  17. @AKRacingEurope I like the Pro X Series

  18. @shinobi602 @wushustudios Congratulations and good luck. Looking forward to seeing the new game.

  19. RT @Good4Gaming: Sure you're a gamer, but are you gamer enough to join our @ExtraLife4Kids team this year? Hit https://t.co/aIiyqzsitz a…

  20. @plusnethelp Thanks, I only signed up yesterday, got texts today to confirm order etc, I'll give things a couple of… https://t.co/GrS3WhUE0N

  21. Pompey reserves claim late Barnsley triumph https://t.co/LMs4mshclG

  22. https://t.co/IUna34Pe9W

  23. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/5bkzjjtgiE World of Tanks - Driveby

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  25. https://t.co/WsGhRSfZVM

  26. Currently pay £65 a month to BT for infinity package including line rental and all phone calls. Looking around can… https://t.co/bb9PONrkon

  27. Waffles for breakfast today! Hmmm yummy. https://t.co/Bkrl6hzp8c

  28. Billy Straney https://t.co/a9J0ZLONhe

  29. Pre Bed cuddles with big brother as well as feeding little sister. https://t.co/ULndfKW1RW

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