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  3. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/TeWxd7h9vb How well did the Primochill Vue fluid hold up?? Let's tear blocks apart and see!

  4. Great time out with the lads! @ Seahorse Bar & Restaurant https://t.co/AiKyFWSGmg

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  6. @joerogan Rick and Morty did an episode on the insanity of tribalism and war of differences for their episode "Auto… https://t.co/bnIxTONrf0

  7. Highlight video from last night's stream: https://t.co/9owKfZUieB #TeamEmmmmsie #StreamersConnected #SupportSmallStreamers #PUBG

  8. I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS https://t.co/KL8w1ks0vY

  9. RT @z_Synthesis_z: Let's solve this arguement here and now. Toilet roll over or under? Personally if you're under.. I can't trust you.. L…

  10. I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS https://t.co/KL8w1ks0vY

  11. Tuesday gaming with PUBG! || [EU] [UK] || https://t.co/fmI0mOdm83 || #TeamEmmmmsie #StreamersConnect #SupportSmallStreamers

  12. Shana Molto https://t.co/De0x0tOrEc

  13. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/PGmIVvD34s Core i9 Overclocking Guide – You asked for it!

  14. https://t.co/XKF61Ywyhx

  15. Magic Bands linked....FastPass selections picked....Bring on the Disney — feeling excited

  16. RT @antegods: You can help us win some marketing power 💪 by voting for Antegods in the FreeGalaktus contest! Thanks folks! https://t.co/Vw…

  17. Check it out! My Dad's business website! Its just been updated! || Ian Linford Painting & Decorating - https://t.co/FZw9XMxugV

  18. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/rFOS4wNxhK Mingles with Jingles Episode 223

  19. https://t.co/PHYkutCmGP

  20. I have set up my own discord server so come and join us || https://t.co/VoGTledXyt || #TeamEmmmmsie… https://t.co/16bpOLDJPb

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  22. PUBG Montage Episode 11 is here!, late due to #EXTRALIFE || #TeamEmmmmsie #StreamersConnected... https://t.co/mT00wl5LWg

  23. https://t.co/QFRnuOBFK5

  24. i have a confession to make..... I LOVE THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS!!!!! It has been SOOOOO hard for me to keep this... https://t.co/mryevQz8Iw

  25. Go check him out! #StreamersConnected #TeamEmmmmsie #SupportSmallStreamers https://t.co/NDNaBLTRgv

  26. I'm now streaming on Twitch! Playing World of Tanks https://t.co/KL8w1ks0vY

  27. @Queen_Belllaa Yea it is

  28. You can now sub to my channel! PartyPopper https://t.co/TizHM1fgYZ #TeamEmmmmsie #StreamersConnected… https://t.co/vPg3dnjQcQ

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