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Spud guns / projectile launchers

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How do you design them? Do you do it on a computer? Do you use some kind of auto CAD software? Do you design and cut everything by hand?

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If you look here you will get an idea of what was behind this one


I tend to use what I have available or find (at work) if I find a long piece of straight tube I think long gun, this is my current build in progress.5a4d57ea1c08f_009(3).thumb.jpg.89f0f31e748e4969d4c360c589653b50.jpg


The layouts/plans I do on my PC with Visio, I do have AutoCad but this is way simpler to use and I can do full scale layouts (2D)




The materials I  scavenge from work, mostly scrap aluminium, they also have a good selection of pneumatic and PCV fittings :happyyes. Yes everything is made by hand, I have a drill press and lots of files.

This is also a WIP, put together from leftover parts I didn't have the heart to throw away.


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