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Derpsgiving 2021


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A Discord Derpsgiving is coming to World of Tanks once again this year!

Contest will start on November 8, and end at midnight EST on November 30th.  Entries will be closed at that time and winner(s) announced during the first week of December.  Winners can reach out to determine prize selection to be delivered as soon afterward as possible.

Weekly Giveaway:  Each Monday during the month of November there will be a drawing for a $20 item out of the World of Tanks shop. This prize will be awarded by random drawing via a bot on the Discord server- look at the ‘Giveaways’ channel for details on how to enter each week, and to see other giveaways throughout the year!  Be sure to join our Discord server for a chance to win this weekly prize.  You can join by clicking on this link here

Main Contest: Most HE damage delivered in a game using a 'derp' (howitzer) armed tank at Tier 5!  The winner will be determined as the person who delivers the most damage in a random battle using any tier 5 howitzer armed tank.  This means a 105mm M4 game counts, using the 76mm gun with HE does not count Post a screenshot of your game on the Discord server in the Tanks Derpsgiving Screenshot channel. Derpsgiving is not taking place on the forum this year.

Along with your screenshot, fill out the appropriate spreadsheet tab in the link below, with your player name, amount of damage, and the tank used.  The current leader’s screenshot will be a pinned post in the Discord screenshot channel, making it easy to check the top score. And a special Role is given to whoever has the top score.

Spreadsheet link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10oqKgyRwoLbC3Pe4GgEizFrf6XF5k8zkCTJk5PZ2olY/edit?usp=sharing

Reminder, this will start November 8th, so you have some time to work on crews, tanks and strategies!  The month long contest prize will be a $50 item out of the World of Tanks shop, prize to be determined by winner based on what is available in the shop when the competition closes.  This contest is being run on our Discord server so to participate you have to join up. Here’s the link again to join the server. Click here

Jedi & Ayle

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On 11/3/2021 at 8:08 PM, Going_Ham said:

This says Tier 5 but disc and the google doc say Tier 6



On 11/11/2021 at 4:35 AM, js_2000 said:

Believe this is different than the one sgrant doing. 

This is separate from the event on 11/19. That is @SGrant7's thing. 

This is a tier V derp event. It is under the Derpsgiving 2021 heading on Discord (see image), and not the 11-19-derpsgiving in the WoT section.

Hope that helps.


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