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iOS Game Center tags

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For the folks that want to game on the iOS. Feel free to add to this.

Makin it sticky.


(added them all to first post :smile2 -rob12415)


DHO username          iOS username

_____________      _______________


Aftrthought051  -  Aftrthought051

BearJew1986  -    Halfton1986

blipadouzi    -      blipadouzi

DaddyX4      -      MrThoob

Ezaviar        -      Ezaviar

Garand        -      MGX4

leeb0y        -      Leeboy13

MagmaFlow -        MagmaFlow328

OldSkoolTarHeel  -  OldSkoolRob

pinmonkey001 -    pinmonkey001

Renovatio 42  -      Renovatio 42

rob12415    -        rob12415

Teknophyl  -        Teknophyl

Nightstorm56    -    Nightstorm56

DarthDaddyX4  -    daddyxfour

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Guest leeb0y




Sent from my super secret ninja 4s using tapatalk



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