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The squirrel reviews part 1

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Welcome to the Squirrel reviews

Lets start with the 3 more squirrel friendly tier 8 premium.
I picked 3 differents nuts that are not necessarily the best T8 ever but are easy enough to use and will teach most players valuable lessons.

T-103: A weird hybrid between a T28 prot and a Su-130 PM that hate all the bird seeds. As easy to hide as a pregnant black giant squirrel you’ll be looking for hard cover most of the time instead of bushes but the turret armor lets you use your 130mm gun safely and the 258mm of pen will net you lots of nuts for winter.  The combination of dpm , alpha , workable armor and decent mobility make it a pecan on the squirrel chart. Just beware you cant be caught napping on the squirrel table with this!

Lowe: The og premium heavy tank…was maybe an almond but now a walnut. It evolved so much the only balancing thing it has is the crapy dpm/alpha . But the heavy tank game is one of timing , trading , armor and map knowledge and to do great in the Lowe you will need to at least learn the armor and trading part since it has small 320 alpha so use the precision off the gun an good armor wisely not to trade 320 for 400dmg and plenty of nuts you’ll have for winter.

Progetto: Easily one of the best T8 in the game. Like the Red squirrel the Progetto likes to hit but not getting hit , so relocate often and use the vision game! But the best thing and also the hardest to master is target priority since you have 720 dmg drum you have to constantly look for tank below 900hp for that quick nut+drum kill but! In the meanwhile try not to empty your cheeks every time you see a tank or that dpm goes to hell. Keep in mind even if its not a real clip your are still very vulnerable went empty and the tank is only as good as you especially went you cant survive terminal velocity like a squirrel.

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