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VR - Reverb G2 first impressions (plus FO4VR controller setup?)

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Hey Dads, 

How's things?

I just got a Reverb G2 this week, and let me tell ya, its awesome! (really wish the latest video cards weren't sold out tho)
This is my first 'modern' VR headset. I bought the Oculus DK2 way back when, but I haven't (re)invested in VR until now because I wasn't satisfied with the resolution (read as: 'too much screen door effect').
This headset's resolution is great!.... No, not 4k great, but 'Great for VR'... All I see is aliasing on lower/no AA settings, but no SDE.... win!

Anyway, now I have a question for anyone who has played Fallout 4 (hopefully in VR): 
Is there anybody here who has lived through setting up and adjusting/configuring controller settings for Fallout 4? (in VR?)
I've never needed to adjust controls in the past, cause its always just worked or I was using m&kb and it was easy, but somehow VR controllers are SUPER WAAAYYYYY COMPLICATED!!!!!



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