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Peace Out and Thank You

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DHO Members,

I would like to start off by saying thank you guys for letting me into your clans. I enjoyed my time with you, but I am done.

This game used to be fun. It was about positioning and using your mind as much as having rattlesnake reflexes, but between the EBRs and the straight up gold slinging at top tier (pay to win) has ruined the fun I used to have with this game.

Playing a heavy tank is just a waste of time with the amount of gold shot at you.

If you try to play a light tank that isn't an EBR you're at a crippling disadvantage and most of the time you can't even get to a spotting position because the enemy EBR has already driven clear across the map, spotted you, got you destroyed and he has driven away with little more than a damaged wheel (if that). This is also the problem with trying to play with a TD sniper.

Arty gets boring real quick.

That leaves only medium tanks, which you have to play as a red line sniper or see EBR above. You get straight up punished for playing with any kind of aggression.

Between the pay to win mentality that has taken over this game, the regularity of blow out games, and the gross imbalance of the current top tier play it just isn't worth it to me any more. I will miss you guys, and I wish you good fortune in your future endeavors.

Your Friend,


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You will be missed Black, stay on discord and the website and post once in a while so we can keep in contact, let us know how things are going and such.


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