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Okay so I'm not the best player in the game and not the worst player in the game... HOWEVER, I have played a lot of tanks... and by a lot of tanks I mean I've been in WoT since Alpha testing... and to date have EVERY single line in EVERY single nation to AT LEAST Tier 8.... MOST to tier 9 or 10... SO I figured I would start a column, perhaps if Nitro or the other mods want they can make it a sticky. What I would like to do is help DHO.... if you have questions or are curious about a line you haven't gone down yet but are thinking about it, I am here to talk about the tanks... The good, the bad and the ugly... what do you think?


I DO ask however if we do this that the replies STAY on topic and remain HELPFUL, constructive and keep arguments and flame sprays out of this post...

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With a little more practice I think you can get there one day Sly.  Keep your head up.  We all believe in you.

The MT-25 is good for getting to passive spots (both of them that remain) extremely early and for as you've said - drive by shooting and circling weak tanks.   Use the 57mm and enjoy the WN8 gift th

Guest Nickali28

Flame sprays and hate posts?? 



Man, suck all the fun out of it. 


As it stands now...What in the world do you do with the AMX 1375.  It has the same gun as it's tier 6 buddy the AMX 12t.  Roughly same stats but a tier higher.  Is this thing even worth scouting in?  I'm going to assume only by passive hide and spot scouting along with teaming up on an enemy once engaged for a full clip unload into soft spots. 


Any other tips on this guy? 


Equipment, tactics, tanks you want to run with and tanks you want to avoiding teaming with. 



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Geez, I'll happily jump in on that one.  The different engine on the AMX 13 75 makes it a far more viable scout than the AMX 12t.  Neither, though, is good for scout-on-scout brawling.  I find I am most successful in it when I passive-scout, let the line approach or pass me, and then start hitting targets of opportunity from the sides or rear.  Redeploy often, and you can rack up some damage.

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Guest ians01focus

How about this, the st-i... I play it as a brawler, but sometimes I just get destroyed and I dont usually engage targets that can make me swiss cheese (e100's are sometimes hard to pen from any angle even with its top gun).. what have you found works best for playing it? (assuming you have it) 


also i will soon be on the leopard pta (the one after the indien) does that play the same as the indien?.. I usually use the indien as a sniper, because of its absolute love of not bouncing shots.

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13 75:  Put the suspension mod on it, gun laying drive and bino's...  PASSIVE scouting is the name of the game so I would suggest camo skills!  I had GREAT success with it, but ONLY in platoons with people in another 13 75....  so ya... solo'ing is very difficult...  Unfortuntely I found this tank to be like the Lorraine... FRUSTRATING...  you are a gun of chance, shoot what is smaller than you and run from what is bigger than you....


ST-1: OH HOW I LOVE THEE!  One of my ever so favorite Tier 9's... I would often DESTORY Tier 10's in this tank... the strength in the ST1 is its reload and turret Armor... you get hull down in that thing and you can typically decimate most Tier 9's and 10's...  The key is to NOT leave your turret stationary... if someone is trying to shoot you your commanders hatch is exposed if the turret is sitting stationary, you move it left and right during reloading...  The other thing I found works well, backing the tank up a hill so your front end is actually DOWN and then going to a 30-45 degree angle to the enemy makes you have major armor.  SPALL LINER's!  PUT IT ON NO IF ANDS OR BUTTS!  Best game I ever had?  I dealt something like 6000 dmg and RECIEVED upwards of 7500 dmg potential to me... mostly cause of that spall liner.  The best thing a ST1 can do is roll with something like a 50B or Lorrie...  something that can deal dmg but has no armor... they pick away at stuff and you are the hammer...


PT-A:  I do not have one YET, almost, but I have been watching the most successful tankers in this tank and the Leopard 1 and have noticed that it needs to be played like my T62-A or my Batchat... you sit back in hiding looking at the minimap and see where the hole is.  Or where a good place to punch through is and commit!  Once you are committed you dont stop moving and shoot on the fly(gun laying drive).  At least this is how I intend to drive it. I have found that Two PTA's working together are devastating...


NOTICE A TREND HERE??? Pair up... work together... etc? 

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What the heck. I'm working on the 13 90 so I should probably stay focused but I have a couple other lines I'm considering working on. I just finished the IS line at the is3 (no plans on going for the is8). Curious which line t-6 to tx  you have found the most satisfying to play solo pub with some platooning.


I have a decent number of options already in motion and usually get to at least t5 for on-track events.


Also how different is the French arty from the American arty? I have the m44 and am underwhelmed. I am also close to eliting the 12t so I can jump down to the frenchy line at T6. Just no idea if its really worth it.

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First:  MOST SATISFYING line... Tier 6-10... honestly... the American T110E4 line...  HOWEVER, I am a "sit back and lob shells" kinda guy....  I'm talking HIGH Camo, never spotted but deal thousands of dmg type of playing...  The other Grind I love but was expensive was the Chinese Heavies... VERY fun tanks... good armor, good guns...  well worth it!


Second:  Why not the IS8???  That is an AMAZING Tier 9...  more so after the buff a few updates ago....


Third: Arty, Understand this, the key to a good arty player now isn't damage dealt but CRITS dealt...  in this case the French artillery is KING!  It has quick reloads compared to the counterparts of the same tier, fast aim times and good splash radius.  Take for instance the Tier 10 French arty VS say a T92... ya great the T92 can do like 2000+ dmg with one hit... but your reload is like 74 seconds and your accuracy isnt as good... the Bat 155 58 can fire three shells in 17 seconds, only deals on average around 1000 max dmg, BUT you can spread 3000 dmg across three different targets in 17 seconds.....  lets say you DONT kill them, but you crit them...  that is JUST as beneficial to the team as dmg dealt.  Tracks out?  they cant move, gun out? cant hit anything, crew killed a whole myriad of issues...  I consider it a GREAT game anytime I get Confederate in my arty.  Cause that means I did my job I support the team...


British Arty thus far(EXCEPT THAT TIER 7 ABOMINATION) seems WONDERFUL, fast reloads good splash and aim time, but shorter ranges up to that tier 7 pile of dung....  The tier 8 has a 23 sec reload with a 4-5 sec aim time... is very accurate with a good splash...


You REALLY wanna deal good dmg with arty, it becomes expensive but it's worth it!  BUY THE PREM ROUNDS that have higher splash radius....

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