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DHO World of Tanks Contest - Win a month of Premium!

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Howdy folks!

Being new to the clan, I wanted to take a moment and pay the good karma forward.  How to do this?  By having a contest, of course!

Contest will run 7/13 - 7/19 (Mon-Sun) - as Dads' lives are busy, giving people a week gives everyone a chance to compete. Contest is open to ALL DHO clans!


1) Tier 7 tanks only - no premium tanks, or tanks with a pref mm. (Super Hellcat is allowed)

2) Post your screenshot of the results on this thread. Winner will have the battle with the highest base XP.

3) At the end of the week, I'll go through the results, and the prizes are as follows:

1st Place gets a month of premium, 2nd place gets 1500 gold, 3rd place gets 500 gold!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Updating these once a day:

1st place currently - js_2000 - 1495

2nd place currently -  JOEBELKA! - 1427

3rd place currently - Mykk - 1390

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Hey 3rd place, LOL  of course it won't last,  521 base


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