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After some discussions with officers and members of D-H-O, we feel that we have to make some changes for the lively hood of the clan.

Recently we have had some membership turn around and recruiting interest that have fallen through.  Currently, we only have a small core proportion of our clan that socialize and plays together. This is the main reason people join and stay in clans.

Despite our clan size of 48 people, we struggle to get 7 people to participate in clan battles. D-H-O is a casual clan, and will remain as such; however, we would like to see an increase in participation in Discord, group battles such as super-drop, and Clan Battles. 

As we look at making some transitions within the different fleets of the clan, we are also looking at making VERY soft requirements for clan and discord activity... as always, family comes first and will DHO needs will never trump family obligations... bear with us as we roll out some expectations for first fleet and please come to any of the DHO officers if you have concerns or questions.

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