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WG WoT Ban and WoT DHO

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DHO Tankers,

WG instituted its latest wave of player bans on March 10 (announcement here, https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/fair-play-0320/ ) and a member of the WoT DHO community received a “permanent” ban. Shortly thereafter, they reached an agreement with WG support which returned their account without any tech tree progress but with their gold, premium time, and premium tanks. The WoT Directors have decided to keep this player's name confidential. Any posts outing the tanker, on the forum or Discord, will be deleted. They have been removed from their previous DHO clan. While they remain a member of the DHO community with forum and Discord access, their future acceptance into a WoT DHO clan will be left at the discretion of the individual clan commanders.

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