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Tier 9...after how many years?

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Don't play bunch, but I recently started playing again ( I found the Super Hellcat in my garage, no clue how long ago I joined ). But I bought some Christmas boxes and got a ton of Blueprints (at least I think that's where I got them...?), had no clue what they were for but by golly once I figured it out I used 'em to bypass that stinker Tiger II!

Picked up the E75 and even though it's stock ( upgraded the turret with enhanced suspension) I like it better than that horrible thing.

Just wanted to share...happy tanking!

Russ (rustywrench in-game)

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Surprised you didn't like the Tiger II, I liked the Tiger I, would assume the II was just as good or better than the I.

Was going to go down the path for the E100 myself. Stopped at the Tiger I after I unlocked the Tiger II but tempted to go finish it.

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