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Nickali28: Dad in the Spotlight Mar. 25th - 29th

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Well done Nick. 


I love the sourkraut opinion.  :lol.  Cabbage should stay with corned beef, imho, but I can't convince my German teacher wife of that one.


Try a visit to northern WI sometime.  You can find all the great things to do in summer, if you can fit them in between July 1st - 31st.  :lol.


Legos rock!  I was real happy my girls found my old lego bin and loved them.  Booyah!  I have a buddy who runs a Lego Team for the local high school.  Lego just put out 3rd gen robotics gear.  As an IT guy, you might have a kick building a bot from legos and then programming it to do stuff like scare cats and deliver cups of juice to the kids.


Biking is worse on your knees than running??  I'm glad you have running then.  I'll be sure to toss you a clif bar as I ride by.  :lol


I married into a farm family.  They're hardy folk who live forever as long as there's work to be done.  And the dairy, gotta have milk and ice cream, at every meal if grandpa has his way.


Again, well done, Nick!



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Guest Nickali28

How is your handle pronounced? Does it rhyme with Italy?


It sounds Russian,  Nick-uh-lie.  I get asked if i'm Russian on occasion because of the handle, to which I am far from it, not even 300 years back do I have any heritage from that part of the world. 

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nice Nick.




Are you gonna do the dits also here ?? Well heck, I've only got one question for you anyway. . . .  Have you always been a douche ?? Hahahahahahahahaha just kidding buddy !!! Hahaha you had to know it was coming !!!! :lol



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I'd love to do my own DITS, and the answer for that questions is who ISN'T  a douche (at least once in a while)?  Of course, we all have to pick on you Pitts.

Hahahaha, seriously Laspher, pm Aftr and tell him you want to do it man !! I'd like to know more about you !! you know, as i'm calling you a douche and all !! hahahah

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