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HuddledTerror: Dad in the Spotlight, take two!

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Let's see where have I been...I have been to the zoo, the mall.. :lmao2


I metioned it a little bit in an earlier post, but I have been quite a few places.  As I said growing up we moved a lot, my Dad is an Electrical Engineer and a pretty good one at that!  Damien you know what I'm talking about!  :lmao2  Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, YUM!!!!  Anyway, I was born in Milwaukee, WI, but didn't live there long, my parents had money troubles and in order to stay afloat my dad had to take a job in Washington.  I don't remember much about that place only because I believe we moved when I was 3.  We moved to New Jersey and I lived there for a few years as well.  My dad didn't like Jersey so we decided to move back to Madison, WI.  Yeah my whole life in this poop hole!  :banghead


Things were great until about 7th grade, my parents started having money problems again, so my dad took a job in GA.  Man I liked GA for awhile, we had an awesome house with a big bum yard, woods and no one for miles!! We stayed there until after my Freshman year of High School.  My Mom hated it there, I mean hated it.  So Her, my Brother and I all packed up and moved back to WI.  F*ckin state!  :lmao2 


Once I graduated HS I decided I wanted to go live with my cousin in California.  Loved that, spent a whole summer with her and her roomates.  :tonguedrop You can imagine 18 year old California girls!  Exactly!!  (Dave put your tongue back in your mouth, that's gross you pervert!)  :lmao2


I didn't want to leave but she kicked me out.  So I moved back in with my mom and little brother.  I met a lovely little lady when I was 19 and she was on her way to New Hampshire, so I said what the hell, I'll tag along.  I lived there for a good 3 years and I just missed my family, also her and I were having some problems as well.  So once again, came back to good ole WI!  :lmao2


Now I have visited a lot of places, from Key West to my most recent adventure Louisiana.  When my kids are older I am going to travel, I would love to go to Ireland, Norway and Scotland.  Wouldn't mind stopping over to Amsterdam.  :biggrin  I think I might actually live overseas once my children are grown, but only time will tell.  Depends on if I meet a hot Swedish model!  :excited

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