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Mr Linford: Dad in the Spotlight Dec. 31st - 4th

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Have I missed the deadline?

Yes you did but I don't mind answering.



Mr. L, you posted a great link for your beer that your (future) wife drank.  Was that just a random beer selection (fate) or a chosen/favorite beer (planned brew to impress the good looking slim gal at the pub)?

I am an Ale drinker more so than larger, Old Speckled Hen is one of my favourites.



Have you heard about CAMRA?

Not until you told me about, no.


Light Side or Dark Side?  Why?

Would have to be Dark Side, just so I fire lighting at people :excited



How many times per day do you say "Brilliant"?

I think I use this work to little on a daily basis.



What the frak is a TARDIS?

As long as we are talking about Doctor Who here then its a Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine/spaceship.



Jeremy Clarkson: annoying blowhard or brilliant auto journalist?

I don't mind Clarkson on Top Gear with Hammond and May. But on his own, no thank you.

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Well Craig, I know I'm super late on this one but what can I say I'm sick as a dog and doing my best to catch up !  :happyyes


Great write up man, really enjoyed reading about you and your family ! Again sorry I'm late but great job, and I'm glad you found DHO !

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Well met, Craig!


I guessed Dark side as people usually say it's more fun in the games.  I wasn't sure if there was a daily recommended # of times 'brilliant' should be used per hour, but all the shows I've seen, magazines I've read, and ingame chats I've had seemed to point to at least every other word.  :lol2. Also, I went on a limb for the TARDIS thing, too.  After all, a nation that puts the TARDIS "whoop whoop" sound in it Olympic Opening Ceremonies must have a strong presence with it's people, Whovians or not.  And, I've been a Top Gear fan ever since I saw Richard treach a nun how to drive a monster truck.  Being from a Catholic schooling upbringing, I found it hilarious, er... brilliant!  I even suffer through the American version if I catch it at the right time, somewhat less brilliant.


I ran into CAMRA a few year back when I was more into the beer culture here in the US.  It impressed me as a grass roots campaign for good beer, mostly protesting the quality of commercialized lesser beers.  The closest Group I can think of in the US might be the Maltese Falcons, a nation wide brewers club.  If anyone knows more on this I'd be interested to hear it.


Good to know about you, Craig.  Cheers!

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