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Mr Linford: Dad in the Spotlight Dec. 31st - 4th

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Craig!  How you gonna get fired....on your day off?!!


I don't know any other Craig, so that is all I think of when Mr Linford says something.  So let's welcome Mr Linford to finally getting up the muster to volunteer himself to the magnifying glass and scrutiny of the other DHO members.  Let's hear all the juicy gossip and stories.  Lay it on the table.


Monday-Tell us about yourself and how you found us

Tuesday-Tell us about your family

Wednesday-Tell us about all your job and your hobbies

Thursday-Tell us about where you have been and where you want to go

Friday-Other dads from the site question the dad in the spotlight, ask them a question and they answer it(within reason)

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First off, what have I done by putting myself forward!!



Name: Craig Linford

Age: 26 (Had to thing there)

Weight: 12Stone/168Pound/76KG

Height: 5'10"


Religion: Christian, Anglican

Married: Yes! (More about this Tuesday)

Siblings: 1 Son, Bradon. 4 Years of Age. (More about this Tuesday)

Employment: Development Test Engineer. (More about this on Wednesday)


Well I found DHO Sept 2011 when signing up to Star Wars: The Old Republic. And things lead from there.  A year later and I'm a MOD now, scary stuff!

Well I live with my family in the UK in a town called Gosport were I have been for the last 15 years. More about family things on Tuesday.

I like to game were I can on PC and xBox 360. I love to take photos when I remember to take my camera with me!

I love to watch films and TV series along the thriller line, but stray to the other from time to time.

But to sum up I'm bit of a geek!



That's it for now!

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Man, my wife got a nice camera about a year ago and she is ALWAYS forgetting it.  She has more pictures on her phone.  So I understand.  Great intro and can't wait for the rest of the week since you teased half of it in this intro.  Haha.

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A little late on posting today, sorry only just been able to get on my PC! lol.



Well my family is my wife, son and I. I have been married 2 years next month but been with my wife 6 years already. I meet her at a house party through a mutual friend. She started as the girl who drank my 'Old Speckled Hen' and now I can't get ride of her! lol. No really I love my wife to bits and don't what I would do without her.



My son, Bradon, is 4 years old 5 next month. He is now at infant school in what we call Year R. He loves Star Wars, if you see me on xbox play Lego Star Wars, 100% its him playing not me! Well ok maybe 80% him. My son is my life and I would do anything for him.



That's all I wont to wright about the family so you can ask questions on Friday  :taunt:tongue:excited



And Happy New Year!  :drunk :drunk

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