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EDJuk8d: Dad in the Spotlight Dec. 17th - 21st

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Everyone put your hands together for our newest member for Dad in the Spotlight.  He just signed up at the site and is already set to do Dad in the Spotlight his second week here.  I think we can hope to continue to see Ed for a long time coming.  Take your time and answer when you can.  Thanks for volunteering and can't wait to read the rest of the week.


Monday-Tell us about yourself and how you found us

Tuesday-Tell us about your family

Wednesday-Tell us about all your job and your hobbies

Thursday-Tell us about where you have been and where you want to go

Friday-Other dads from the site question the dad in the spotlight, ask them a question and they answer it(within reason)

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Guest EDJuk8d

Found out about DHO on the Xbox Live forums, looking for more friends to game with for both myself and my youngest son.


about me:


Re-write by special request. (COUGHS @ Mcrosftisskynet) :taunt


Hi everyone I'm Edmond Jacquez. Originally from Key West, FL. I've lived all over the U.S. (AIRFORCE BRAT). Home is New Mexico, however at this time we live in Tyler, TX.


I have five kids:

Stephen (27) - serving overseas in the USN, and currently stationed in Naples, Italy

Christopher (25) - single dad trying to make it in this dog eat dog world

Jennifer (21) - attending the University of Maryland (studying to be a veterinarian)

Isaiah (19) - he's just being 19  :banghead

d'Artagnan (13) - he still enjoys playing outside and doing stuff with his pal (ME!)


five grand kids:

Khaos Rose - 5 (Stephen)

Nyx Lily - 4 (Stephen)

Tyler - 5 (Christopher)

Mayson - 3 (Christopher)

Trey - 2 (Jennifer)


I'm a christian and a republican. Haven't always made the best decisions but have no regrets. Been married three times, currently to wife# 3 (Lauren) going on 16 years  :woot.


I enjoy the outdoors - hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, etc. Love to cook but hate cleaning up the mess. Have no formal college education but plan on getting that done soon (SPRING if everything works out). I come from the "School of Hard Knocks" and am old fashioned in a lot ways but accepting of new ideas as well.


My four best friends are JIM, JACK, JOHN, & JOE  :excited


Born in Key West, FL lived all over the US (Airforce brat). Home is New Mexico, but we currently live in Tyler, TX.


If you're ever in East Texas hit me up, you'll always have a place to stay, a warm bed to sleep in, and good food to eat. I just realized that due to this re-write, I've covered the whole week already (kind of). Not to worry though, I'll stop with this for today and add some more tomorrow.

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Dude!  Five kids and five grandkids.  Wow!  You must be broke around the holidays right now.  :lol  I love Aliens.  Just picked it up for $4 on Blu Ray during Black Friday.  :headbang

I met to join in your game of Mass Effect over the weekend, but I kept diving into Far Cry 3.  One day I'll jump in a game though.

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Good start lol and thanks for stepping up!

Crap he just had to mention "kilt" lol


Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk 2


He's new, let's not derail this thing "right away"  :lol

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Guest EDJuk8d

Ok, It's Tuesday - about my family


Stephen - married and has two girls (Khaos Rose & Nyx Lily). He serves in the USN and is currently stationed overseas in Naples, Italy. He just received "Junior Sailor of the Year" and made E-6.


Christopher has two boys (Tyler & Mayson) and is a lot like me, in that he enjoys learning things the hard way. He is a single dad and has plans to attend culinary school or become a "masseur".


Jennifer has one son (Trey) and attends the University of Maryland and is studying to be a Vetrinarian.


Isaiah loves sports (plays baseball) and also enjoys the outdoors.


d'Artagnan also loves sports (plays football, baseball, soccer). He's an honor student and wants to be a pastor.


My wife Lauren is awesome, she has put up with me for 16 years (took me three attempts at marriage to find her, so that "third times a charm" saying is for real).


Awesome thing about being a grandpa is getting the kids all sugared up and then handing them back to mommie and daddie!

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