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      I have had several people ask me about light tanks. Is there enough of you interested in a Light Tank "Class"?  I could show you guys some decent spotting locations on most maps and even some late game positions to squeeze that last little bit of spotting out.

      If anyone is interested, comment and leave availability and I will try to work something out.  Now this is mostly going to be about passive spotting but I can show you some decent paths for opening active scouting.

This will not be a class about EBRs (they just drive around like idiots until someone gets lucky enough to send them back to the garage). 

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I just started playing light tanks and I'm wondering why I didn't play them before. So much potential. I've had some great battles but many battles where I died too quickly due to bad habits with more armored tanks. Any sort of help would be appreciated.

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Fjords, Minsk, Pilsen, Paris, Serene Coast, Studzianki

I'm pretty one-dimensional on these maps. I have some feel for scouting one or two specific areas, and would like to see how I could be more effective and able to adapt as the battle changes. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and 9pm EST Wednesday would be great.


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