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DHO-X Clan Wars ..."What Bridge?"

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     Hello tank monkeys. It has come to my attention that callers in CWs for DHO-X are in short supply. I volunteered to do some calling. I am new at this, but I am used to trying to get a bunch of monkeys to dance to my tune (Kids, grand kids, and I used to call raids in WoW). I ask that you hang with me as there is going to be growing pains. I did a little research and it seems our CW rating is a bit higher then to be expected with our average player skill (not calling anyone out just stating a fact). That shows me we have some good callers and most of the time you guys do a good job of focus firing. I am starting to mess around with some strats and I am going to be looking for certain kinds of tanks (if not specific ones). If you are grinding, these are some of the tanks I (and probably most) might be calling for:

(* means pref)

Spotters: EBR 105*, T-100 LT*, AMX 13 105, Batchat 25T

Mediums: Obj 140*, Obj 907*, Obj T62A

Fast Heavies: 277*, WZ-111 5A*, IS-7, 113

Hull Down Heavies: T95/FV4201*, S. Conq*, Kranvagn (strat specific), T110E5 (less than ideal, but still has a very good gun, decent heavy speed, good depression, just have to manage your bucket)

Super Heavies: Maus*, Obj 705A* , Type 5, E 100

TDs: Strv 103B*, Bobject, T110E3 (strat specific)

Arty: Conq GC* (more congested maps), T92* (better range on more open maps), Obj 261, M53/M55

Auto Loaders: Batchat 25T*, AMX 50B*, T57 Heavy (strat specific) TVP 50/51, Progetto 65

Odd balls: Cent AX, Leopard 1, E50 M, M48 Patton

Tanks you should all have OR be working on: Obj 140, 277 or WZ-111 5A, S. Conq, Maus, Batchat 25T or AMX 50B

     I realize most of us have lives, but if your time is limited, I recommend you aim for the 5 tanks listed above. If you do, you should always have a tank needed for whatever strat gets thrown at you, regardless of who's calling.



 Side note: I am on most evenings if you have any questions about anything tanks related or just want to platoon, hit me up either in chat or discord.

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