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DHO-X please read: change in CO availability

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Well, I knew my somewhat easy work schedule wouldn’t last forever. I’m about to enter a 2-3 month period of extensive travel, some of which is extremely time zone-challenging for US Time zone tanking. Current officers are also either in status quo availability, or somewhat less upcoming availability.

What does this mean? I’ve reached out to existing officers and we (including myself) will still get some organized play going from time-to-time... but a regular 3x per week schedule is unlikely to be met.

Make some additions/changes to officers? On the table, but the reality is we would need others to step up to call... the only thing that requires an officer to set-up is CW... 

Comment below or DM me with any suggestions or offers to volunteer... 

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On 8/27/2019 at 10:45 PM, Blackroan said:

I do need to know where you guys get your strats and stuff


I replied to Black in game... but just so no one thinks this went unresponded to (and for general knowledge)... mostly make the strats up from scratch or copied (ish) from legionnaire action with another clan. YouTube is pretty sparse from CW strat perspective... but there are still a few useful old ones that can be mildly adapted to today’s map layouts. 

There are far more knowledgeable folks in our clan, but FWIW, this is what I think I have learned from a meta-perspective:

1) Vision is extremely important. Win vision. Exceptions would be some kind of yolo strat (really not a good idea). As in all things, balance is important, so don’t sell the farm to win vision. Having said that. Win vision. 

2) strats with a ton of moving parts are not great ideas for us. To pull those off we need callers operating at a high level and have excellent awareness, reaction and micro-positioning across the entire team. Maybe some day, but not today (or tomorrow). 

3) spend as much time thinking about how to react to contingencies as you do on initial set-up. So many times I have been in a “great, we all got to the spot(s) I wanted... now what”. 

4) recognizing when to push and when to fall back takes a ton of reps (duh). Be on guard for the too early “do something” push... but don’t wait around indecisively either. Yes, I am aware of the contradiction 😉

5) Blob strats are ok. Feels like having 2-3 distinct groups that support each other are often a touch better. Don’t have more than 3 tho... 

6) Slygambit advice: if you think you should bring one light, bring two... if you think 2, bring 3. Medium good clans and up seem to be bringing 2 lights to kill the enemy light on one side. Have even seen 3 lights on one side to kill their 1. 

7) vision that dies early is a huuuge handicap. See point #1. 

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