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Been keeping this semi-secret, but could use the positive vibes!

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15 hours ago, Mykk said:

They are probably showing you off to some extra decision makers to push you over the finish line! Sounds like they are excited. They wouldn't be wasting extra co-worker time for someone who they were going to neg.

I've heard this from a few people. Hopefully this is true. I was told that they wanted someone to start as soon as possible, unfortunately this isn't something I can do, due to my lease and the fall semester of college that I am enrolled in.  But we'll see.  Hopefully, this is a good sign.

1 hour ago, Velakos said:

I am excited for you. Would you move to Austin? If so, Austin is itself is rather expensive to live in. 

 - South Austin towards Buda is booming due to cheaper housing.

 - Northwest Austin in the cedar park area is booming due to cheaper housing

 - east of Austin , hutto/Taylor is booming cheapest new housing

 - Round Rock, North of Austin is getting more expensive but still manageable.

 - Georgetown (Noth of Round Rock )and that area North of Austin is getting a little more expensive now.

 - Historically, East side has been cheaper and west side is where all the rich people are. 

 - Also downtown has seen a boom due to apartment living, however its not cheap.

 - people wanting some land are buying in the Liberty HIll area.

Well I dunno any of those area's, thanks for the advice though. WG it self is in Northern Austin, well at least I think they are in the north. I'll have to look around I suppose.

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It's possible they have another candidate who can start right away but don't like as much, and so some of them are trying to show other co-workers why they should wait for you? Something else they might do for a candidate they really like is create a position. I'm hearing nothing but positives so far.

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