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Do you set goals?

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I have a hard time playing games "just for fun." 

Fun (for me) is getting better at something. Or (if I'm already good at something) maintaining my standing. 

To get better I like to track how I'm doing. I use a run tracker so that I can compare my runs, I keep a word count log so that I know how much I write every day, and I compulsively track my Wn8 and win rate in WoT. 

I set goals at the different things I do in order to keep myself motivated. So what are my WoT goals?

1) Get my overall Wn8 to 1600. (This should take about 200 "sessions" at my current rate.) 

2) Get my recent Wn8 to 2000. (Challenging, but I'm getting there. Trying hard no to make stupid mistakes.)

3) Get my overall win rate to 54% (This will be a LONG grind. It goes up very slowly). 

4) Get my tier 10 win rate over 50%. (My win rate slowly goes down from tiers 5 to 9 and then plummets at tier 10. I want to improve my tier 10 play). 

Bonus goals: marking tanks. I'd really like to three mark a tank. I'm close on the M4 and T-34, but am not actively pursuing marking them right now. 

I'm trying to achieve my goals without relying on "easy" fixes like constantly running my T67 and T71 and spamming gold. 

What am I doing to improve my play? I do enjoy watching streamers/youtubers. I've learned a lot from them. I'm also trying to consciously make better decisions in game. A big one is not going where my tank "is supposed to go" if my team isn't supporting that tactic. 

Do you have any WoT goals? Or is just playing the game reward in itself?

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I have more tier Xs then anyone needs and, outside of checking my session stats when I logout, I don’t look at stats much (RIP vBAddict). However, I generally can’t just play either. There are a few tanks to grind, missions to work on (been one mission away from the 260 for like a year and a half), three marks to earn, crews to train up, etc. Slightly different from your goals, but I’m almost always working on something and not just playing WoT. Like a lot of us, I should probably play at tier X more. 

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Also, the M4 and T-34 will be a pain to three mark. I’m not sure I could get three on either of them. They are historical and popular tanks so they will be played a lot by a diverse range of players. I’d try something unpopular and mid-tier with a strong crew that will allow you to abuse game mechanics, mainly camo and view range knowledge. 

Pz3/4, M7, Chaffee, T21, T20, Crusader. 

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I liked the T20. I might try for a 3 mark on it (down the road). I got to ~93% on the T-34 and M4 before giving it a break. Going for marks is definitely less of a priority than my other goals. 

Too many other tanks to grind before I focus all my time on getting marks on any one tank. 


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Yeah, +1 on it’s only fun for me if I am trying to get better. There are lots of different goals as already discussed above. Hepius and I have similar goals, but at 36K games... moving any stat now is very hard. For example, for me to get to 54% WR I would have to run at close to 56% for another 36k games... and that’s a multi-year proposition.... not to mention that I am not a 56% WR player. Well, not unless I solely spam a certain subset of tanks, but that would be both a hollow achievement and hellaboring. 

My solution is that I now use my main account to play Tier Xs a lot and for relaxed social play... on the latter, I still try and get better of course... and do pay attention to whether I am improving my tier X WRs/wn8s... but typically am not laser-focused on every single move and won’t make more ruthless flank-bailing, damage-farming decisions that I would if I were not platooned. Also Tier Xs are hard, so playing them a lot really smoked my stats... but am climbing back so feel like progress is being made. 

I’ve got about 1k games in an alt account where I focus on tanks I play well (but not just a handful that I would if I were trying to max WR/wn8) combined with an eye towards tier X meta tanks. I play that account in short bursts... and quickly stop playing it if I am off or hit a bad streak. 

I use the main account to get better at higher tiers and the other to, theoretically, mark where I am with more immediate statistical reflection. I probably won’t play Xs in that one until I feel like I am closer (more-or-less) to the apex of what I think I can do in a given tier X tank. Very much feel like I am still learning at that tier atm. 

Is it a bit silly to do all of the above? Yeah. But it is a pixel tank game, and the above is fun for me.

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I do feel a little lost playing when I don't have any goals. In the old days, my main goal was simply to win more. In the last couple of years, my main goal when pubbing has been to grind out the best tanks for team play. Because I like variety and I don't play a huge amount of pub games compared to some, just grinding out tanks has been a big enough project to keep me interested.

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I don't typically set goals beyond having a  general understanding what I'm working toward. Ok, I guess that's basically what setting a goal is in a nutshell, but I don't look at it that way. Take my weight for example. I don't have a target weight or a bikini I want to squeeze into. I don't bother with special diets-of-the-day or the latest exercise programs. I simply understand that at this point for me it's simply a matter calories in vs. calories out and basic willpower. Setting a goal weight doesn't change my approach. It just feels like a silly mind game to me. By no means would I ever judge anyone else for their approach. I support anyone in whatever methods work for them. I just know how things work in my own head.

I view tanks the same way. While I do plan to some day get to the Bat Chat, I don't really think about it, as I grind through my 12t. For that matter, I don't really consider it "grinding". My only concern is to get better. The rest will happen in time. Same thing with WR. I'm already trying to improve my play (and failing) within the constraints of what makes the game fun for me (I'm notorious for spending a lot of time with tanks in which I play poorly - looking at you, LTs...ok, pretty much the rest of them, too), so I don't get much benefit out of declaring to myself that I'm trying to get to 50%. I don't play for WR. I play because it's fun, and I know that getting better will make it more fun.

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What keeps me playing? I've done over 60k games in two accounts. A long time ago, It was all about the WR. Untill the KV-1S and Hellkitty nerf. I couldn’t keep my win rate above 50, and I realized I was rushing through tanks. I just wasn’t that good.  I also couldn’t figure out what other tanks were OP or was my hardware too slow. I almost quit.

Then it hit me! I want to play as many games as I can. So now, I love grinding tanks. Good tanks bad tanks. With few exceptions, I grind them from stock. Right now, it is the Conqueror, and a few others. Its all about how much stuff I can collect. It’s doing it without Premium. Its also about tooning with others, playing Skrims, just playing. 

Setting goals is getting the next best tank before it gets nerfed or powercreeped. I can't really say what gets me going on this game. I just know I enjoy playing it.

Joining DHO ended up being what really kept me going. Having a clan that didn’t bicker, having toon mates, and being able to have like minded tankers who played together was awsome. 

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