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Anyone know how to turn this off now? I haven't been playing much as I am still getting caught back up from a month of travel, but I really don't like this feature. Any ideas? The old way in the in game minimap settings doesn't seem to be there anymore...

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If you click on the gear on the top right of the minimap, you should be able to shut that off. However I would suggest you try to use it as a tool. It is good to see where people are going or predicting their movements. Of course not a requirement, just a suggestion. You should be able to shut it off though.

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41 minutes ago, Hapa_Fodder said:

 You should be able to shut it off though.

Apparently it is now just on for everyone.


I realize it is a useful tool for many people. In fully realizing that it is an arcade game, I still don't like this option for the feel of the game. While this is just a minor frustration for me, I am playing less and less due to how they game is changing over time, and things like this are pushing to make me stop playing in general.

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