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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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So, there is some huge news to go along with this trailer that I didn't find out about until late last night... 

Cross platform play between the Xbox, PS4 & PC has been confirmed. No longer do you need to worry about which console your friends are getting a game on (well, with CoD at least). You play on the platform you have and you can still play with others from other systems. No word on how friends lists between PS & Xbox/PC will work yet. I presume they'll use whatever groundwork Fortnite has started using. 

Also mentioned was the fact that there is no DLC Season Pass. Does this mean that any extra content coming out for the game is free? Or does this mean that they're releasing the entire game on day one with no money gouging for maps later? Not sure... We'll have to wait and see. They way they announced was as if they were giving the players something they've been long asking for. So I would only assume that what ever it means, it will be good for us as gamers.

Some links below about the announcements and the campaign.



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