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So... 8.1....

#1- Brit Carriers I've been looking forward too since seeing them on PTS reviews.  They seem to take alleviate a lot of the poor mechanics/balances of the other 2 lines.  I bet you the bombers get nerfed like rocket fighters did though.  

#2- Radar- help the DD's needed... Not sure I 100% agree with the way the new mechanic is set up but I can see it as a needed balance for DD's... especially considering:

#3- Flood damage- So, nerf bat to DD's, especially torp boats again.  Creep has nerfed the torp boats as is, radar pretty much killed them, and now if they are lucky enough to get a hit in, the damage isn't nearly as deadly as it used to be.  So.... YEAAAA BB players.... BOOOO  DD Torp boats.....

I'm ok with the patch... it'll add some interesting new quirks to the game and I hope the flood damage and radar changes will shut up all the whiners about the CV rework... they can complain about something else now.... seriously, the CV rework is in place and there are balance changes coming, but they are NOT going away.


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The flooding mechanic has always been too severe, in my opinion. The one good thing for destroyers was that aircraft can no longer spot torpedoes.

I never thought radar was a problem after I adapted my play style when playing destroyers.


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I CAN SPEND MY BILLION CREDITS ON COMBAT SIGNALS NOW!!!!  Really all I care bout....  as for the flooding dmg, you barely if ever get torp hits anymore anyways so meh...

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