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Action_Jackson is LIVE!!

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Stream update 

-New discord 

I have set up a discord for the stream / community to chill with helpful channels that include news updates , in game hints and tips and stream updates .also allowing followers to play with me in one place, as many use different teamspeaks but now we can meet at AJ HQ. 

-Feels good 

3rd week in and I may have a small audience but I am absolutely loving the experience . It has completley changed my mood towards the game , also the twitch community is a welcome comfort. 

-Affiliate status

I am currently at 49 followers , one more and I will have met my requirements to become a twitch affiliate which will open up many avenues for the future ! achieving this in the first month of streaming I didn't expect , and this only encourages me to do more and keep working on the stream . 


I had the thought to buy the hwk30 and use the rental code to giveaway to viewers , but wargaming failed to supply me a working code after many tickets they sent me 3 extra and plus one of those failed so they just sent me two more ! I gave away the codes to two viewers and nothing is more rewarding to see them be so grateful for something so little . 

All in all I look forward to the future and hope I can keep this going as I am thoroughly enjoying myself . 


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