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Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Serene Coast

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The team that controls the west side generally wins. Go there.

Several maps have a place like the west side on this map. Maybe this is a good time to review why this area is key: mostly because it is flexible. The west-side brawl generally plays quicker, and once you win there, you can go forward, back, or sideways relatively easily. You can drive to other parts of the map that might need help. If you go to island, you are in a funnel, you are inflexible, and you are not going to help anyone else very quickly.(Another good example is mountain pass. You must win south, which is the high ground and is the flexible part of the map. Ice road is a low funnel and is inflexible.)

Don't tell me that you are going to island just because you are in a heavy. You might as well have a bot play your account if you are not going to think. And if you go to island in a hull-down heavy, you should be  institutionalized immediately. Or I might need to be institutionalized: I start convulsing uncontrollably when I see something like a T29 -- which can dominate the key northwest corner -- go to island.

And don't tell me that you are not going towards the northwest corner because they have arty. Boo hoo. If they have arty, you have arty also. Spot for your arty and make it play better than their arty.

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I agree that West is important but if you ignore the "peninsula" then you have an equally big problem. South Spawn - With no heavies, a red push from the north will roll up the flank as the TD's at K7 get spotted and clobbered. There's very little cover - bush or rock to hide in. Sometimes you can retreat into the hills but normally you get killed by heavies and arty as you try to escape. If a few heavies do go, those and the TD's can stop a push.

North Spawn - The peninsula is important as well as it is very tough to defend if the reds roll up and right into your base. TD's can't support the peninsula as well from a northern spawn. I may go to D 7/8 to grab some early shots at south heavies crossing but then head west as I can be more productive.

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Absolutely. The team should at least have a warning/delaying force on peninsula side. A peninsula push will win on occasion -- just like a valley push, an ice road push, or a beach push. But they are all low percentage plays. A halfway decent team should be able to get back towards base to defeat these pushes when they emerge.

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I violently agree with xtc. The times one should go beach, ice road, peninsula, valley are very limited. If you have a tank that could be useful in those places... all it takes is a quick look at the minimap to confirm enough friendlies to warn/hold before (ok, while) going to the unquestionably more useful spot. 

There are exceptions that prove the rule:

- you are in a Foch B and you set-up to bury beach and then relo to a more useful spot (this is comp dependent and STILL not a great play, but I have seen it work).

- top tier OP med without a ton of enemy tds... you can do a super agro ice road push. STILL not a good play as high risk and may end up throwing away your tank

- hang out at camp in a hull down tank and do a delayed valley push. STILL not a great play but can work if reds mostly ignore valley AND 5 line. STILL... you get the point. 

Tl:dr play the percentages and go to the decidedly statistically more relevant areas... almost all the time. 

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Holding back from C1 can actually work well. Enemy has to cross C1 and then cover a lot of ground, easy to spot and shoot them. However, everyone has to hold back. If two tanks move forward it is unlikely to work. You’ll just lose two tanks and then be at a disadvantage. Overall, C1 is still the prime location, even in a 140 with limited gun depression I’d start there. 

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Key to Serene Coast

Win C1 then push forward or fall back to protect your base. The peninsula, or "island," is where HTs are generally expected to go. However, this area plays slow and, even if you win it, both sides then have to cross an open area where they will be susceptible to snipers and arty. Unless you're in a super heavy, you should be fast enough to make a difference in C1. Even if that is just tanking some shots while your meds and lights get into position.


Grant's Positions of Serene Coast

1. Both sides have similar positions for early vision. It generally isn't much help at high tiers, maybe you can see if the enemy HTs are headed peninsula. Mid-tiers you're more likely to catch someone out that will be taking a short cut and lose HP for it.

2. People setup to snipe all over the place but this is the only position I use often, and then only in TDs or an especially squishy low tier tank.

3. I don't recall ever actually using the little nook near the red base but I've seen plenty of replays where people use it effectively. You can hold up the enemy team for a long time if they are tentative. If they are foolish, you can even win when outnumbered (seen this happen multiple times). 

4. This position overlooks part of the cap and has bushes for cover. Good for a surprise reset or an ambush. A lot of people don't realize that fire can come from this spot.

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