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Map Discussion 1.0 Redux: Sand River

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I've always thought the key to this map was getting a good crossfire going between the south edge and the middle ditch. But the whole map is playable, so you have to read the deployments and go with the flow.

The new F1 sniper perch seems to have changed things quite a bit. It now seems difficult to rush out to G5 from the east spawn and get spots and shots without getting wrecked.

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This is a pretty good map. Depending on the spawn either the bottom ridge at k8 or the g1 ridge to cover the ditch or any scouts/meds moving up/down the K line. The sniper spot at f1 is generally pre-aimed by arty and you get hammered. I try to avoid that until I have to.

I miss when this map had assault mode. For a TD it was good shooting!

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