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February Scavenger Hunt

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The February Scavenger Hunt is going to be a little bit different.

February is going to be all about our Community Contributors! Every day during the month, one of our CC's will drop a new bonus code on their channel. Each code awards you the same Booster package as shown above, and you can collect up to 28 Bonus Codes during the month. You can also earn extra rewards based on the total number of Scavenger Hunt codes you redeem in February — the more codes you redeem, the more extra prizes you earn.

Here’s the catch: We’re only going to reveal the first Contributor you should tune into, and each code will only be active for 48 hours! It’s up to you to stay up to date and tune in to the correct Contributors every day at the right time and stick around for their code.

So how do you get started? XanderP kicks off the February Scavenger Hunt on Friday, February 1, at 08:00 PT | 10:00  CT | 11:00 ET.

He will share his code on his Twitch Channel, YouTube, and Facebook Community. If you can’t tune in at those times, Xander’s got you covered: the code (as well as information on who you need to watch next) will be presented somewhere on his Twitch Channel all day. You need to redeem the code before Feb. 3 at 00:00 CT.

The next code will be released Feb. 2, and will be active until Feb. 4 at 00:00 CT. The remaining codes for the month will continue to be in this 48-hour format.

Good luck and happy hunting!





WOTSOCIALNY19 - From WoT Facebook & Twitter

FPJY5AFX – XanderPTV - Feb 1

TRU_Voodoo will be dropping the next code on his Youtube Channel tomorrow 2/2 at 8AM CT! Tune in at youtube.com/TRUvoodo

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Next code is coming from Jerm on his Twitch... www.twitch.tv/jerm_na

The stream is supposed to start between 9 & 10pm CT.

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Sir8J's code... A2KP4FCV
Thanks for keeping them coming!

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