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Frontline Returns!

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I know @bonlan and I will be finishing level 10 next week and getting our new AE Phase 1's. Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk

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So, I finally wrapped up my FL sessions this week and got my AE and Emil tanks. I was lucky enough to finish on a 6 General streak. With the boosters running, I plowed through a lot of ranks quite quickly. Three of those last six I was 1st to General. In two of those battles, I reached General before anyone else even reached Major.


Overall, I enjoyed the game play when people weren't rushing to destroy the objectives or when the defenders allowed a base to get capped to allow the game to keep going. Some people realized that the best way to play/advance wasn't dependent on winning. That being said, I did find the grind far too long. Had I not had boosters, I would not have completed it. The amount at which I was frustrated because of those people that were determined to win was much higher than I would like to admit.

They said that this will be back next year. Will it be another 10 month marathon? Will they adjust things to make winning actually more valuable or beneficial? Who knows... If they do a similar season to this year, they'll likely throw in some unique tanks again which may be worth the grind. If the grind is just as long next time around, hopefully they give the booster option early and often.

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